DIY Chandeliers Ideas

The Internet is full of amazing and creative DIY projects that are both useful and fun to make. While you might think to make your own art, few people would think to adorn their homes in DIY chandeliers. These home additions instantly become a beautiful and unique talking piece for anyone who comes over. Class up your home the easy way by starting one of these DIY projects.

Water Bottle Chandelier

For a home that is bright, casual, and fun, consider a colorful water bottle chandelier. The supplies you will need for this DIY project include thin water bottles, spray paint, scissors, Exacto knife, a thin gauge wire, and two metal rings. First, cut the bottles in half and create various sizes of plastic flowers out of the bottles (detailed instructions can be found here).

Spray the plastic flowers whatever colors you want that match your decor. Make sure you spray them outside or in a well ventilated area. Cut a circle in each flower big enough for the top of a water bottle to fit through. Using the wire, secure the flowers in bunches around the circumference of the metal ring. Attach the two rings together using three wires of even lengths.

CD chandelier

The CD chandelier. Good-bye Hootie & The Blowfish, hello DIY decor. (image: Pauliina Seppälä)

Paint Swatch Chandelier

A paint swatch chandelier would look perfect in any kind of home because you get to choose the exact colors and shapes for your chandelier. It is the perfect accent to any room, especially in areas that you struggle to accessorize. You will need between 40 and 60 paint swatches in the shades that you want, a scalloped paper punch, a small lamp shade with the fabric cut off, string or thread, and tape.

Punch the colors out of the paint swatches and lay seven at a time in a row in the order you want. Tape a string or thread to the middle of the color swatches leaving plenty of room at the top to tie it to the lamp shade. Tie all of your strings close together on the lamp shade. Add a light bulb and cord and hang it in your favorite spot! For detailed instructions of how to make the chandelier, go here.

Feather chandelier

The feather chandelier; adding an airy accent to your decor. (image: unknown)

Light Up Wall Chandelier

While this wall chandelier is not exactly a hanging chandelier, it is beautiful and easy to make. It is the perfect accent to a bedroom or bathroom.

You will need a large printed silhouette image of your favorite chandelier design, a frame big enough to hold the image, Exacto knife, and white string lights. Cut out the chandelier image and glue it on the frame backing. Poke small holes in the back where you want to poke the lights through. Push the lights through the holes. Hang the frame on the wall and plug the lights in for your beautiful chandelier! You can find detailed instructions here.

These chandeliers are relatively easy to make and are a gorgeous addition to any room. Instead of spending hundreds (sometimes thousands!) on a chandelier, take a Sunday to make one of these colorful and beautiful crafts.

Your own crafty chandeliers?

Have you tried your hand at DIY chandeliers?

What elements did you use?

Where do your chandeliers hang?

Let us know in the comments section!


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