DIY Christmas Decorations: 7 Easy and Inexpensive Projects

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DIY Christmas decorations help you save money and personalize your space. Here are 7 projects using supplies you already have at home for fun and festivity.


All of us want to avoid spending too much on your seasonal decorations, and having to fight the crowds is one of the worst kinds of holiday agony. At the same time, the thought of having to spend even more time you don’t have on garlanding your home with Christmas cheer is likely to send you over the edge. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. There are easy and inexpensive crafts that you, and/or your children, can take on to make your home welcoming this holiday season.

What can you do with the supplies that you already have at home to create some fun and festive DIY Christmas decorations? In this article, we’ll look at seven simple ways to make your home cheery and bright, without breaking the bank.

Walking in a Sweet or Savory Wonderland

This is one craft that literally takes seconds to put together, and which requires absolutely zero investment, as long as you have a box of salt or a bag of white sugar in the house. Choose any clear glass container you have at hand: a vase, a bowl, even a spare set of drinking glasses that sit at the back of the cupboard. Fill the containers halfway with salt or sugar so that they look like they are a winter wonderland setting.

Pile the salt or sugar up in the corners so they look like snowdrifts, and drop some spare ornaments on top. You can use old glass Christmas ornaments, tiny trees, or just grab some pinecones from outside, or some festive fruit. (If you want to reuse your sugar or salt, choose an inert object rather than something that may taint it.) Sprinkle a little more white stuff on top for that fresh-snow look, and place the containers around your home.

Festive Lighting with Flair

Take the same concept, but fill your glass containers with Epsom salts instead (for safety), and push votive candles into the salts. Light them up and line your walkway, or place them on your tables and fireplace mantle. You can use mason or jam jars, or try many different sizes at once.

DIY Christmas decorations

Garland it Up!

You can make almost anything into a bright garland to decorate banisters, fireplaces, and doorways. All you need is some thread or ribbon and whatever else you can find. Try white coffee filters or doilies on white thread for a snowy look.

Use old, used toys for a childhood-inspired theme. String up some extra ornaments, or use your favorite collectables. Try holiday flowers in cool whites or bright reds, or pick strands of cold-weather berries from your garden. You can even spray-paint some pinecones in your holiday theme colors and tie them to a bright ribbon.

Cookie Chandelier

DIY Christmas decorations

Have a surfeit of Christmas cookies, or want a way to display your children’s favorite creations? Hang those decorated gingerbread men with foodsafe dental floss. You can take any wreath and hang it horizontally from the ceiling, and suspend it with as many cookies as it will hold.

Spare Socks Advent Calendar to the Rescue

If you’re a parent (and even if you’re not) you’ll know how easy it is to lose small socks in the dryer. Luckily, children’s socks are often found in fun colors; save them throughout the year, and hang them on a ribbon in your child’s bedroom for a fun and easy advent calendar.

Use one sock for your children to open every day in December. Surprise them with coins, chocolates, or a series of pieces of Lego that they can put together the night before Christmas. For a twist, use old mittens instead.

Sweater Stockings

There are some wonderful ways to put old sweaters to use, but this is one of the best. You don’t have to know how to sew, and you can make your stockings personal and special. Try traditional cream sweaters in a number of different nubby patterns for a comfy-cosy look, or a mix of hilariously clashing holiday sweaters for a retro look.

A Wreath Snowman

Make your home beautiful with a snowman created from holiday wreaths. Make your own with garlands, or use some wreaths that have been in storage for years. Use a small wreath for the head, and larger ones for the body. Mount them on the wall or on the outside of your home, and have your children decorate them with all of the Frosty trappings.

Make it Easy on Yourself

This Christmas, make it easy to decorate your home for the holidays, and foist materials from all over your home. It’s simple to save money if you’re willing to spend a few minutes on your own creations. Try these DIY Christmas ideas for decorations, and let us know your own inexpensive and fast solutions to decorating with flair in the festive season.

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