DIY Door Upcycling: An Infographic

When you’ve replaced your old doors, or have salvaged them elsewhere, there are ways you can create some DIY interior design magic with them. Here’s a list.


People replace their doors for different reasons.

Sometimes, it’s because a new interior design style is sought after, calling for different doors. Sometimes, it’s a question of opening up a space, removing walls, and therefore removing the doors as well. Other times, it’s just plain old age, where the stalwart door that has always hung there has officially served its role — well, at least it’s initial one .

Whatever the reason, old doors can continue to serve a space, or other spaces, even after they’ve been taken down. Here’s an infographic based on a piece we published earlier that expands on a few ideas for old doors used in new and stylish ways. Take a look!

BuildDirect_DoorUpcycling_v1 copy (1)

What about you?

How have you used your old doors to create something new in your space?

Have you ever considered salvaging someone else’s doors to do the same?

What was your biggest challenge when re-inventing a door as a new home decor element?

Tell us all about it in the comments section of this post.


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