DIY Door Upcycling Ideas

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Doors, whether you’ve found them or want to re-use a door you’ve replaced, have all kinds of upcycling possibilities. Here are some of them.


After remodeling you end up with a lot of pieces from your old rooms that tend to get thrown away. But if your remodel included new doors, don’t get rid of the old ones yet. Old doors make awesome DIY carpentry products and act as really intriguing home accents.

Create a headboard

Depending on the height and width of your bed, two old doors with similar looks and the same finish can sit together against the wall to make an excellent headboard. You don’t actually have to attach them to the bed frame. Anchoring them to the wall, however, is a must, since you don’t want them to wiggle around or fall on you while you’re asleep.

Hang a porch swing

To make a porch swing out of two doors, you’ll need to be relatively handy. You need two doors and a host of power tools, but if you’ve got the carpentry chops to get those two doors together in an L shape, you can hang it from your porch swing anchors and chains and have the most unusual porch swing in the neighborhood.

Make a medicine cabinet

You don’t actually have to make the whole medicine cabinet, just replace the existing medicine cabinet door. You’ll have to measure and saw it down to size, then sand down the edges. After that, it’s just a matter of attaching it to the existing hinges, or getting new hinges. Don’t forget to add a handle if it doesn’t already have one, and to put a magnet on the back so it stays shut!

Paint a chalkboard accent

This one’s for those who aren’t so handy with a saw. This idea works well with small or big doors, though what you end up using will depend on the amount of space you have. Paint an old door with chalkboard paint, then prop it up in the bathroom or the living room and use it as a chalkboard.

Draw on it, write messages on it, or put your favorite quotation in pretty chalk markers. If you’ve got a small door or half a door, hang up the new chalkboard and use it as a family message board.

Frame some pictures

If you’ve got a door with a lot of small glass panels, this is a perfect picture frame. Add a cool finish to the door with paint or varnish, and get some prints made of your favorite photographs. Then just tape the pictures into the glass windows. If your door doesn’t already have glass in it, you don’t even need to put glass in the frame; if you glue a pretty clip to the top of the opening, your picture will hang in the opening. Last thing to do is hang the door on the wall, and voilà!

Next time you remodel, don’t throw away your old doors! Use a few of these ideas and watch as your old doors become some of the coolest design elements in your house. Even the doors that are getting worn and need replacing will make cool home accents when done creatively.


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