DIY Fabric Home Decor: Fom Boring to “Fab”

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Color, texture and patterns are all important tools to utilize when decorating your home. If you’re looking for one decorating component that encompasses all of these important concepts, you need look no further than your fabric stash. Fabrics are one of the easiest and most versatile materials to work with when decorating your home.

I frequently find myself looking through my fabric collection when decorating my home. If you’d like to add more visual interest to your home, here are a few decorating ideas that will help you use fabric to make your home look fabulous.

Take inventory of your fabric scraps

If you already have a collection of fabric pieces and scraps, it’s a good idea to take an inventory. If you’re like me, there have probably been times when you’ve run to the store for fabric, only to discover that you already had a piece at home that would have worked just as well.

I like to keep an inventory list of the fabrics I have in my “stash.” Then, when I get the idea for a new home decorating project, I check my inventory list first before running out to the store. This simple technique can really help you save money on your home decorating projects.

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No-sew home decor projects

If you don’t have time to sew or you don’t own a sewing machine, don’t despair. There are plenty of ways to use fabric to decorate your home that do not require sewing. For example, instead of taking the time to sew curtain toppers, you could just drape a length of gauzy fabric over a rod. Although the technique is simple, the end result can look quite sophisticated.

You can also use lengths of fabric to create decorative “puddles” of color, texture and pattern on tables, fireplace mantels and shelves. This technique is a great way to create decorative arrangements out of everyday objects such as vases, knick-knacks and framed photos.

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Dust off your sewing skills for home decor projects

If it’s been a while since you’ve worked on a sewing project, you might feel as though your sewing skills have gotten a bit “rusty.” Fortunately, I find that sewing is like riding a bicycle – you never really forget how to do it. The next time you have a bit of spare time, pull your sewing machine out of storage and plan a few quick home decorating projects.

It doesn’t really take a lot of time or effort to stitch up a few decorative throw pillows or a new runner for your dining room table. Once you’ve gotten back in the swing of things, why not make some decorative new curtains for your kitchen windows? A trip to your local fabric store can provide you with an almost endless selection of sewing patterns and fabric options.

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Sewing your own home accessories can be a great way to save money. However, in addition to being economical, sewing is also a great way to make your home décor truly personalized and unique. Of course, there are plenty of fabric-based decorating accessories available in stores if you don’t enjoy sewing as a hobby. Whether you sew your own décor or buy items at the store, the end result will be a more beautiful home.

Professional designer Jessica Ackerman, writes for, and specializes in decorating with metal wall wine racks and metal wall grilles.

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