DIY Guide to Garage Storage – How To Create More Space

Here’s a 21st Century homeowner truth that never gets old; we are reclaiming our spaces, more and more, according to our own rules.

This is evident all over our properties, from attic conversions, to interior designs zoning strategies of every kind, to creating continuity from indoor spaces to outdoor rooms. In this sense, we really do own our homes, and not the other way around, at least as far as how we’ve planned them, and decorated them.

But, we still have enemies working against us! The biggest one may well also be one of the oldest: clutter.

The place where clutter can strike is that area where we haven’t historically planned very well: our garage. Often, this is because we’ve culturally treated our garages as something of an “out of sight, out of mind” zone in our homes. Anything that doesn’t really have a home is often relegated to the garage, even if it means that a functional, usable space is drained of its potential.

So, with that in mind, how do we turn things around in our garages? How do we turn a kingdom of clutter into an efficient zone for storage? Better yet, how to we reclaim our garage spaces for our own? Take a look at this graphically-oriented series of strategies and find out!

Click the below image to open it in a new window. Then, click on it again to enlarge it.

DIY Guide to Garage Storage

So, what is the state of your garage? What storage strategies make the most sense for you. Which ones have you put into play already?

And most importantly; what have you got in mind for it once the clutter is cleared?

Tell me the answer to these musical questions in the comments section.


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