DIY Headboards: 6 Cool Directions To Take

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DIY headboard

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Perhaps you haven’t considered it, but a stylish headboard can add some flair and tie an entire bedroom together. No matter what your taste is, there’s a headboard that expresses you, and there’s no better way to do that than building it yourself. Even with limited technical experience, you can make a functional, fashionable headboard at an affordable cost.

Here are six DIY headboard ideas that’ll have you boasting about your bedroom.

1. Reclaimed Materials

Although it may not seem ideal to use old or unwanted materials in your bedroom, finding some reclaimed materials in a dump, on the sidewalk, or in an alley can lead to inspiring uniquely creative ideas. Even if you can’t find something to your liking initially, stay patient and remember that this method of headboard making is also a green alternative. You’ll end up with a unique piece while doing your part to save the environment.

2. The Switcheroo

If you find yourself constantly changing your mind, rearranging furniture and room layouts twice a month, then the switcheroo is the style for you. All you need to do is find a cheap piece of wood, a cloth of your choice to cover the wood, and there you have it. Whenever you get bored with the current cloth, go buy a new one and presto — you have a new headboard.

3. The Mosaic

Some of the most beautiful artwork in the world is in mosaic form, which you can make from small pieces of almost anything. Consider using photos, album inserts, glass, tiles, or anything else that fires up your imagination. No matter which material you choose for your mosaic, it’s guaranteed to have a look that resembles your style.

4. The Room Divider

For the odd-shaped room, or one without a closet, try a room divider. You can create a makeshift room (closet) and use it as your headboard. They come in many shapes and sizes, and you can decorate them to your liking.

5. The Mural

The mural is a self-expressive idea that’s perfect for any age or gender. Let your children paint their own giant dinosaur or football player above their bed, while you enjoy something with a bit more sophistication. If you aren’t a great artist, you can always find stencils to your liking.

6. The Extension

Once you’ve decided on your particular headboard design, you can make one more tweak that’ll allow it to become the focal point of your bedroom. If it makes sense, consider extending your design onto the ceiling so it gives the entire bed a distinct look.

Thousands of designs

In all actuality, there are thousands of designs that’ll enable you to make a headboard that helps define your personal style. The best plan of action is to brainstorm anything that you’re passionate about and make that an important part of the theme of your bedroom’s design. To be honest, is there any place more appropriate for a bit of passion?


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