DIY Pallet Projects

DIY pallet projects are on the rise, just because in the 21st century we’re recognizing the power of upcycling, and in seeing that there are multiple ways to use materials to create the effects we’re after. In days of yore, the humble pallet was overlooked.

The pallet was just a platform (literally!)to deliver the stuff that we needed to help us to transform our spaces for the better; flooring, tile, and other building materials that were the raw materials for our dream homes. But, that’s so 20th century!

As something of a salute to the potential of the pallet, and DIY pallet projects that are being conceived and created right now, here’s a graphic centered around what you can do with your pallets once your boxes of flooring, tile, etc are unpacked. Take a look!


As you can see, the DIY pallet project has tons of potential, indoors and out. You can use them as a focal point, or in a more subtle way. They can serve in an undecorated form, or a highly stylized one with just a bit of sanding, and paint. They can be used as a piece of furniture, a wall hanging, or a piece of artwork you create yourself. They can fit into a variety of interior styles. Pallets can be practical, or purely aesthetic.

Like most DIY projects, there are fewer constraints on what you can do. All you need is your imagination to unlock the possibilities!

What do you think?

So, what do you think, everyone?

Can you see the potential for DIY pallet projects in your own spaces?

What have you traditionally done with the pallets you’ve had?

Have you used your pallets to creative effect in a way that’s not represented in this graphic? How?

Tell me all about it in the comments section!




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