DIY Streets Program in the UK: Reclaiming a Neighborhood

One of the reasons that we talk a lot about public transit and city planning on this humble blog of ours, is that these areas are inextricably linked to the issues of green building and green lifestyles. These in turn of course are also tied to the idea of local communities working together to improve quality of life for everyone living in them.

Thanks to Jeff at Sustainablog who tweeted the link, and to Kaid Benfield’s piece about urban renewal in the Clapton area of Hackney, London reprinted for, I found this video about how a community saw a problem in their neighborhood, and banded together to solve it.

Here’s Kaid Benfield’s original blog post about DIY Streets in Hackney, London.

The take-away for me is the undeniable benefits of people working with independent consultants, and municipal leaders, to affect change for the betterment of their area. More specifically, it’s about how cities and individual neighbourhoods can be reclaimed, and not treated merely as throughways for non-local car and truck traffic.

This demarcation of car traffic vs pedestrian and bicycle traffic for the betterment of a community for me is a glimpse into how much more efficient a community can be designed as our 21st Century progresses. And this example is about residents taking ownership and control over their environment, actively shaping their community more in line with their values and lifestyles as a group of people.

To me, that is a central, vital ingredient to transforming our world in general to one that is more sustainable, and ultimately more enjoyable to live in for everyone.

Thanks also to Street Films, who created the video, and who routinely document progressive urban development programs all over the world.



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