Do-It-Yourself Projects Using Pallets

Pallet creations were very popular around the blogosphere in 2011 and I think there will be even more to come in 2012.  It’s amazing how diyer’s have tranformed these typical  “flat transporting structures”, as defined in wikipedia, to create home decor, furniture, planters, and much more!  With a little hunting around, you can often find pallets for free, so why not create something that is interesting and unique.  Let’s take a look at what can be created using pallets.


Pallets are constructed with real wood, so the frame is usually sturdy and durable, allowing for many different styles of furniture to be created.  From desks to beds to chairs, a pallet is like a blank slate waiting to be transformed. They can either be used whole or deconstructed and reassembled to make one-of-a-kind  pieces.

In this minimalist office, pallets were kept whole and painted black to create a stylish desk.  Featured on Apartment Therapy, the desk was complete by adding a piece of glass to the top for a work surface – what a great idea!

This day bed, created by Prudent Baby is a perfect addition for an outdoor patio space.  Complete with a waterproof mattress and lots of comfy pillows, this pallet bed was created using two whole pallets put together and finished with casters underneath.

Featured in my coffee table decor post on my other site SAS Interiors, this pallet coffee table was easy to create using one whole pallet, a piece of glass on top, and casters underneath.  It can be move around with ease and the colorful books underneath make a great statement and add intrigue and brightness to the space.

Using different parts from numerous pallets, this twin bed by Lori Danielle is quite incredible and an unexpected addition to a child’s room.  I really like the additional storage under the bed for books and personal trinkets.

This end table created by Dittle Dattle is an interesting way to transform a pallet into furniture.  Taking the pallet apart and reassembling it to create a piece of furniture into the size and shape that fits your needs allows for a custom piece to be made on mere pennies.  In this space, the pallet end table also brings in a warm and organic feel amongst the other furniture.

Wall Decor

This is a unqiue way to fill a large wall in your home.  Kelly Simon Says used the top part of a pallet to create this piece of art displaying a silhouette of the USA. Love it!

Another use for a pallet as wall decor is to make a sign, like this one by Love of Family and Home. What beautiful words that won’t be forgotten when displayed on a wall in your home.

Book and Accessory Displays

I have so many books in my home, and I’m sure you do as well.  Bookshelves can be cumbersome and expensive, so using a whole pallet or a reconstructed pallet is a wonderful solution to attractively display and hold your favorite reads.

This pallet shelf, created by Strawberry Chic, is a smart and lovely way to hold all the kids books

Another fabulous solution for displaying books is this pallet bookshelf.  Not only is in functional, but the book covers add such a pop of color.

Displaying a photo collage or a collection of pottery or ceramic dishes are all creative ways to use pallets.

Source unknown

Source Unknown


As much as pallets are popular for indoor use, they are also a wonderful addition to the outdoors.  Whether they are used in a large backyard or on an apartment balcony, pallets have unlimited uses.

Live in an apartment or home that doesn’t have a large outdoor space?  This pallet creation seen on Apartment Therapy, is a genious idea for growing fresh herbs right at your doorstep.

How great would this be for a front porch?!  With a little pallet reconstruction and a coat of stain, this swing pallet created by Weekly Wanderings, is so wonderful for the outdoors.

I have yet to make a pallet creation, but this outdoor coffee table is first on my list.  I had all intentions of making this last year, but it’s on my DIY to-do-list for 2012.  This rolling outdoor coffee table was created by Joy Ever After using 2 pallets on top of each other, finished with casters underneath – such a clever idea!

There are so many uses for pallets!  So far they’ve been seen and used in so many ways – vertically, horizontally, as furniture, as decor, indoors, outdoors.  What will be next?

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