Doctor Who-Inspired Home Decor

TARDIS. Regeneration. Sonic screwdriver. Daleks, Cybermen, and Angels. Rose and Martha and Donna and River and Amy and Rory running along with the Doctor.

Are you getting excited yet? If you don’t, it’s because you don’t know about Doctor Who. And if you don’t know about Doctor Who… what are you waiting for? Best show in the history of time and space.

But this is not a television critique (sadly). So I won’t be waxing poetic about how awesome this show is (because it is. Totally awesome). Instead, I’ll show you some great Doctor Who-inspired decors for kid and adult fans alike, to keep the magic alive in between the long season breaks.

Simple ideas and small Doctor Who decor items

The most popular theme for small Doctor Who decor items is the TARDIS. The instantly recognizable blue box can serve many purposes: a cookie jar, a teapot, a mug, a computer tower. These items give you instant geek cred without being too overbearing.

Here are some of my favourites.

TARDIS cookie jar

This cookie jar is perfect for, well, cookies. But it can also hold your favourite tea, pasta or any other dry ingredient in your kitchen. If only it was really bigger on the inside…

If you like tea (and Doctor Who characters drink a lot of it), you might like this TARDIS teapot. It’s perfect for your Saturday night watching party!


Be a Time Lord – with a Who-inspired clock, that is

Clocks seem to be a popular item with Doctor Who fans–no surprise there! Clocks for fans of a time travel shows is definitely appropriate. So, there’s this Doctor Clock that can also serve as practice for identifying your favourite Doctor.

Source: via Briana on Pinterest

This cute Adipose clock will suit a variety of decors without seeming too geeky. This beautifully stylized TARDIS clock, however, is my favourite:

Source: via Kathryne on Pinterest

I love the way the designer integrated gears in a TARDIS shape. Brilliant.

Doctor Who furniture

Doctor Who fans are definitely not sitting idle waiting for the Doctor to show up in their bedroom (wouldn’t we love that?). Some of them have found a way to bring the TARDIS to them in different, original ways. Here are some of the best projects I found scouring the web:

A fridge already has the perfect shape to become a TARDIS: all you have to do is somehow cover or paint it. This clever fridge would be the centerpiece of any geek kitchen. The Doctor is calling for dinner!

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

Cat lovers are not left behind. This cat playground uses the box shape of the TARDIS and cuts out rectangles so cats can access the inside. Maybe they’ll discover K-9 somewhere inside?

Bookcases are perfect TARDIS-shaped items because they open up to a world of imagination (and tend to be the right shape). Here’s how you contain all your geeky books and movies in one geeky box!

Source: via Johari on Pinterest

Doctor Who TARDIS DIY paint and decals

Paint and decals are a great way to introduce the TARDIS in your decor if you don’t want to deal with cutting wood or other materials. You can simply paint a TARDIS on your wall  or use a door.

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

You can find a DIY TARDIS closet tutorial here.

I’ve seen some great examples of people using rectangular shapes in their homes that would otherwise look a bit awkward or bland, like this shower  or this wardrobe.

This major piece, inspired by Van Gogh’s fictional painting, is part of a previous episode and displays geekiness AND artsiness.

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest


You can find a variety of decals and wall art over the web if you don’t have the patience (or the skills) to paint yourself. This simple decal shows a minimalist TARDIS that won’t completely cover up whatever else is on your wall. I love this TARDIS breaking through the wall.

A little blue paint and a lot of imagination

A lot of these bigger pieces are DIY, but it doesn’t stop you from using them as inspiration for your own Doctor Who projects. A little blue paint and some imagination will put you well on your way to your own TARDIS closet or bookcase!

The great thing about Doctor Who is that kids and adults love the show just the same. While some TV-inspired decor ideas, especially for kids, might lose their charm as they grow up, Doctor Who never grows old (it’s been on for 50 years and has never been so popular).

Have you seen some great Doctor Who decor projects? Do you have one (or many) of your own? Share your geeky pictures and ideas with us in the comments!

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