Dog Day Afternoon on BuildDirect Laminate Flooring!

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Well, it’s more like dog day morning and afternoon, really.

Bringing dogs into the office is  a unique idea here at BuildDirect, and not one we’ve ever strictly considered.  But, for the sake of wrecking a floor at least, today is special.   One of the major concerns for people who care about any kind of flooring is the damage that claws, urine, and other stuff, tend to do to a floor.

So, Marc brought in his dog Luca Brasi (brown fur) to show us what a dog’s claws, and other things, can do to our particular laminate floor, installed ill-advisedly on our patio.  Frank, one of our sales guys brought in his dog, too – Bella (black fur). And John, who’s VP of Finance, brought in the very well-behaved (mostly) Sid (golden-white fur) to round out our canine wrecking crew.  To start the proceedings, we had a bit of a pre-game warm up between Luca Brasi and Bella.   Take a look:


Then, we had a bit of a tenuous start, with some pre-play jitters that required a plastic bag and a squeegee. Take a look:


Overall, the dogs weren’t nearly as dedicated to destroying our outdoor laminate as much as destroying our indoor flooring.  Maybe they think outdoor laminate flooring is a dumb idea.  Let’s see what Luca Brasi thinks:


Still, despite their shyness on the floor they exposed it to all of the things that dogs generally expose the average floor to: hair, dander, urine, and… you know, the other thing.  And of course, even if they were less exuberant outside than they were inside, you can hear the sound of their nails on the wear layer of the floor.

Here’s an interesting tidbit, folks.  When you work at Google or at Amazon, you’re encouraged to bring your dog to the office with you.   It improves  work-life balance, productivity since people tend to stay longer at their offices, and generally is good for the dogs too. That’s the kind of company culture they’ve got going there.

But, I wonder what kind of floors they’ve got at Google and Amazon…



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