Door Accents: A Doorway To Personality

Even in suburbia where many homes look like carbon copies, there are opportunities to bring personality to the exterior of a house. But landscaping and lawn gnomes aren’t the only answer.

To truly make a house all your own, focus on the front door. Here are a few ideas to make your door both welcoming and unique.

32 colorful doors

Add some color

Don’t let your front door blend in. Rather, use an accent color for your door that works with the exterior design. It’s a great way to impress neighbors with your sense of hospitality and individuality.

Try to choose colors both vivid and aesthetically attractive. You do not want to alienate guests with garish hues. While yellows, oranges, and lime-greens act as bold accents to gray, brown, or all-white homes, do select with caution and avoid most highlighter shades.

Any colonial or plantation style home looks great with dark doors, like black, navy, or red. Different shades of red especially look nice against brick, white, cream, navy, and gray, and work well with both traditional and modern home design.

Homes painted in earth tones or grays look nice with a plum-colored door. For stained glass or wooden doors, this same color adds interest as a border. To keep from making the home too dark or one-note, a nice border paint of a contrasting color helps brighten a darker hued home, making it feel lighter and inviting.

Match handles and door accessories

A front door’s personality relies just as much on the door handle, doorbell, and knocker as the color. The accessories of the door should “go” with the color and design but also have fun with them.

Modern homes go for sleeker, more simple door accessories. For example, look for a rectangular or square knocker, and a spherical or cylindrical door handle.

Also, remember theme. A figure knocker like a “rusted” anchor looks great at a beach house, while a large brass lion or bird is a perfect match for classic brass address numbers.

Decorate With Pots and Flowers

For the bright-colored door lover, matching or accenting flowers really bring functionality and appeal to the entrance. Cluster flowerpots in the same color as the door along the entrance for a pleasing addition.

For a more casual, less deliberate look, vary the size and shapes of the flower and plant pots. Two oversized pots with specially shaped bushes always enhance an austere, elegant entrance. Potted vines enhance any entrance as an additional border with color and movement.

Choose the Perfect Mat

Door mats don’t only keep your home clean, they offer balance and texture to an entrance. Mats come in playful, colorful, and humorous designs, as well as various shapes and sizes.

A bare, simple entrance benefits from a mat with a large print such as flowers or vines. Modern homes opt for quirky prints, geometrical shapes, and monochromatics.

You don’t need a full renovation to awaken your home. Give your front door a make-over and relish your neighbors’ envious stares.


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