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Enter into the world of today’s door trends: from rustic to glamour, you can make any kind of entrance you want.


A door is a door, right? As long as it opens and closes, it works.

Well, not so much if you’re a design-conscious person. Actually, doors are also subject to trends and fashions, just like every other kind of home decor item.

There’s plenty of interesting door stuff happening right now. Don’t think you’re stuck with the old door paradigms: today’s doors are original, flexible and definitely cool. Here are some of today’s most noticeable door trends.

Dutch front doors

Want to let some air in your house without completely opening the front door? Maybe the Dutch-style door door is for you.

A Dutch door has two sections: one at the bottom and one at the top. You can open both together, or just the top one. This makes for a casual, flexible entrance door that’s practical for all sorts of things, like receiving packages!

Traditional Entry by Atlanta Architects & Building Designers Bradley E Heppner Architecture, LLC

You can do plenty of fun things with your Dutch door. A nice visual touch is to paint the two sections in different colors.

Vintage reclaimed doors

Do you like those vintage, frosted-glass doors you see in shows like The Knick and other historical movies and series? Well, you’ll be happy to know that these doors are pretty en vogue right now.

These doors can be used both inside and outside. If you’re the DIY type, you can even experiment with decal lettering on the frosted glass pane–just like old office doors with “Manager” written on them–except you can write whatever you want.

Industrial Hall by Portland Architects & Building Designers Emerick Architects

These doors have an instant vintage appeal no matter where you put them.

Barn doors

One of my friends recently bought a condo in Vancouver, and it features this new trend: the barn door.

I’m seeing it everywhere lately: in luxury homes and affordable condos, in kitchens and living rooms. The barn door rolls on a track at the top of the doorframe, and can be moved from side to side along the wall, instead of open or shut the traditional way.

Eclectic Dining Room by Dallas Media & Bloggers Sarah Greenman

Barn doors definitely help open up a space, since the door doesn’t need space to the side to open or close. You can put furniture much closer to it than you would a regular door.

A barn door can become a piece of art in itself, the focus point of a space. With a variety of possible materials to build it (reclaimed wood, chalkboard, even metal), you can turn any boring space into a trendy, cool home.

Detailed surface treatments

For the trendy door, any old white paint just won’t do anymore. Today’s doors use new and original surface treatments like chalk paint (it’s everywhere!), wallpaper, nails and rivets, leather, etc.

Transitional Hall by Cambridge Architects & Building Designers LDa Architecture & Interiors

Textured and colored doors are taking on force in the design world, and because most doors you buy are simply white, it’s easy to use any old door and turn it into a work of art. Make interesting textures by superimposing paints, add reflective surfaces or install a mosaic. Your imagination is the only limit!

Doors that allow for flexibility

The open-space floor plan is far from dying, and with it comes flexible door needs. Whether you want to close off the dining area from the living room, or just open half the door to reduce the noise, interior bi-fold and double pocket doors are just what you need.

Contemporary Dining Room by Seattle Architects & Building Designers Ryan Rhodes Designs, Inc.

These types of doors can make your space more flexible: open up when wanted, close up when needed. Glass panes also help isolate a space while keeping plenty of natural light. They’re wonderful to have around for big families, people who host parties, and pretty much anyone who enjoys the light of open concept floor plans but still like to have some privacy.

Good old solid wood

It’s not really a trend; just like the little black dress, the solid wood door never really goes out of style. It’s a reliable item that has plenty of design flair. Pair it with some brass hardware (brass it pretty hot right now too) and you have a classic, trend-proof entrance that’s also durable.

Contemporary Hall by Chicago Architects & Building Designers Northlight Architects LLC

However, some of you might be concerned about loss of light, which is a good point. But you can sidestep that problem by adding some glass panes around the doorframe.

Walk through!

I love the variety of today’s door styles. They appeal to every kind of design style: classic and traditional to trendy and glamour.

What’s your favourite trend? Which door would you like to use in your home? Let us know in the comments!

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