Doors and Natural Light: 5 Smart Choices To Make

If your home is dark, cavernous, and lacking luminosity thanks to a darker fall season, then it’s time to shed a little light on the subject in the form of sunlight-friendly doors. There are a number of door types available that will brighten up your home with natural light and take your interior spaces out of the dark ages.

With naturally lit entrances in mind, here are five doors from which to choose that will light up your world as days get shorter during the approach of winter.

1. French doors

Doors come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, but nothing lets the light in better than French doors. If your front entryway or patio area has room for it, then glass French doors will really provide your home with the light you’ve been looking for.

french doors to patio


You can’t go wrong with a classic French double door. However, for the most light, you’ll want to find a pair of French doors with full glass inserts. For a little more privacy, half inserts are great and still give plenty of light.

2. Full Glass Doors

Also known as full light doors, the full glass look is probably one of the most popular designs for front entryways. Instead of solid wood or metal, full glass doors have a glass insert that runs the length and width of the door. With just a slim frame for strength and durability, a full glass front door will light up your abode.

glass door deck modernist house

Even if you don’t use full glass as your front door, using them for hallway doors can be an effective way to diffusing more light into your spaces. For more privacy, frosted glass for interior doors is a smart choice.

3. Stained Glass Doors

Stained glass doors have been around for centuries, but did you know they’re also the perfect way to add character and light to your home? When going the stained glass route, you’ll want to aim for glass with light hues and patterns.

stained glass door

The stained glass that’s used in churches is beautiful, but it’s also dark and diffuses most of the sunlight. To avoid this, choose a stained glass door pattern that’s mostly translucent with hints of color tones. This will let the light shine through.

4. Glass Storm Doors

A great alternative to a full glass door is a glass storm door. Glass storm doors are installed in front of an existing door and act as a weather barrier to offer an extra layer of protection from rain and the elements.

storm door front door

Storm doors come in full glass, half glass, and sliding glass styles. Not only do storm doors protect your home from wet weather, they also give plenty of light when the sun is shining.

5. Bi-fold glass doors

A great option for your porch or patio area is bi-fold glass doors. Bi-fold glass doors are an alternative to outdated sliding glass doors and allow you to open an entryway completely, as opposed to just a single side.

Contemporary Exterior by Sydney Architects & Building Designers Sam Crawford Architects

Bi-fold glass doors go up in price depending on the number of folding panels, but they will definitely lighten up your interior spaces. If you’re in the market for bi-fold glass doors, consult with a professional to make sure your existing entryway can support a wider span.

Look, comfort, health

When you’re ready to let some light in, keep in mind the bright door options above. A simple addition of the right door to let more daylight into your home can make all the difference to look, comfort, and even your health.


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