Doors, Decor, and Your Inner (Or Outer) Geek

The humble door. It may seem like just a functional element in a room or a home. But, it fires our imaginations to discover the worlds behind the doors. In that respect, the presence of a door can tap right into our sense of childhood wonder. 

As if to take that to its logical conclusion, this impulse has inspired designers to plug right into that childhood  space, or even adult geek space. Here are some of the results as presented by guest poster Jove Arthur.


Your door says a lot about your personality. It is what a guest encounters first, and it can provide an initial impression on what your house or room looks like inside. At the same time, it’s fun to put your own stamp on your door to give people an idea about your discriminating personal taste. If you think venturing  out of one’s way to design and modify their door to express themselves is a bit going too far, check out how people embrace their inner geek with their custom-made doors.

Star Trek Door

Nothing says ‘Trekkie’ more than having your own futuristic sliding door. Marc, a blogger who is also an engineer and software programmer designed his own air-powered, fully functional Star Trek door. You can even find instructions on how to make it via


Lord Of The Rings Hobbit Door

Hobbits are little creatures in J.R.R. Tolkien’s books that love comfort and live in houses that started from holes in the ground. If you want to recreate the comforts of hobbit life in your home and show your pride as a Ringer , the first step would be to construct your own round hobbit door. The instructions in this link ( give you the basic logistics and a list of items needed to have your own version of Shire life. In fact, it even gives you instructions on how to build an entire hobbit hole from scratch!


The Dr. Who Tardis Door

Anyone familiar with the sci-fi TV series and its recent remake would know that the Tardis, the iconic time machine disguised as a London police box, is the image that most defines the show. A dad made a Tardis bedroom door for his son, who loves the TV show as well. The instructional photos are posted in this forum of Dr. Who hobbyists.



Spy Thriller Mystery Door

Who hasn’t watched classic spy and mystery movies without wishing that they had their own secret door inside the house? This door design will appeal to fans of spy thrillers and detective stories. The instructions can be found in this link at that explains how to make spy doors.


The Nautilus Steampunk Door

Fans of the Jules Verne novels will love bringing the experience of being inside Nemo’s sea vessel to life with this one. If you have metal-working skills, a lot of patience and a passionate love affair with all things steampunk, this DIY project is worth pursuing. You can get more info about how to start building your steampunk door.




The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your door to reflect your individuality. There are countless examples from the world of art, movies, music, literature  and popular culture to use as inspiration for your designs. Just make sure to also keep in mind that your design should match the structural and functional integrity of your door.

Designing your own door gives you the opportunity to exercise your creativity and brings your imagination to life. It also give you the satisfaction that you have made something that no other house or room will have. Doors have been known to symbolize an entry to another world or another place, and what better way to live out that concept than to make your room or house door special? You’ll be surprised at what you can come up with.


Jove Arthur got his experience in carpentry and woodworking from his grandfather, but he is mostly self-taught. He now works as a manager at Door Emporium, an NJ-based company which sells solid wood custom front doors.       

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