Doors For The Win: Styles For Modern 21st Century Doors

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The door – gateway from one zone to another, interior, exterior, room to room. But, what kinds of door styles are out there that you may not have considered? Writer and door-enthusiast (there is such a thing!) Cece Summers is here to open your doors of perception on the subject of, well, doors…


Since we are in the middle of a worldwide sporting season and everyone is watching the 2012 London Summer Olympics, I guess it is only apt to somehow incorporate a competitive, international vibe in this article. Yes, this essentially about interior design- door designs to be specific – but that should not limit our creativity, right?

Doors, no matter how seemingly function-driven they are, actually make or break the charm or character of a house. The ones that work spell gold medal, whereas those that doesn’t cut it are, or should be, sent back to wherever it is they came from. For starters, here are the common types of door designs to guide your eventual winning choice.

Dutch Doors

This also goes by the name Stable Door. Originally, these doors, which are horizontally divided in half, were used in stables, hence their name. The top half allows stable keepers to feed their horses and other animals. Eventually, this door design was adapted to human dwelling due to its winning functionality.

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Blind Doors

Also known as Gibb door, blind doors blend with the wall to which it is discreetly affixed. It has no visible door components hence it is also called a Disguised door. Those who prefer sheer privacy will definitely give these doors a gold medal.


Composite Doors

These doors are made with a solid wooden component which can also be accentuated with glass. A composite door has one leaf which is typically a high density structure hence strength and sturdiness is assured; a triumphant piece, indeed.


Flush Doors

Although these doors are commonly employed as interior doors, there are sturdier and winning varieties that can also serve as exterior doors. A flush door has a smooth characteristic made from timber, to which plywood is attached. Cardboard material is used to fill the hollow parts between the aforementioned components.

Brace Doors

This door design incorporates the use of ledges (horizontal planks) which hold vertical planks together. A brace or diagonal plank is then employed to keep the door fair, square, and successful.

Winning doors from around the world

It is important to note that different countries also have their own unique door designs which you could easily exhaust. Truly, nations have more than just their athletes to be proud of.

Pacific Doors- These doors have that light, airy, and breezy feel achieved through incorporation of a compartmentalized or patterned panel as opposed to a single or solid block.

European Doors – These designs borrow the typical European flair through elaborate woodcarvings.

South American Doors – With designs inspired by ancient civilizations like the Inca and the Mayan, these doors do not fall short of majesty and mystical.

Which doors should you choose?

Depending on the kind of character you wish to achieve for your home, the aforementioned choices are a nice way to start with your door shopping. If you are into the more rustic feel, a brace door can definitely be your A-rate ally. If classical style is preferred, then a composite door is sure to give that triumphant Victorian era vibe. The key is to know which way you wish to go in terms of home ambience and motif.

Also there are ways to give these doors a modern or contemporary twist. In fact door modification is highly subscribed to by various interior decorators nowadays. With some mixing and matching, quirky and novel door designs are now making their mark such as sliding brace doors, composite double doors, and of course, door designs which are specifically inspired by certain cultures or locations.

Winning wooden door colors

Most people prefer their wooden doors to have the color closest to the natural chrome of the door’s wooden material. These colors include brown, dark brown, hazel, auburn, and ochre, among others. Recent trends, though, have shown that homeowners are becoming more playful with their color choices for wooden doors. New popular palettes include burgundy, cayenne, red, apricot, and even white.


When it comes to choosing a door design, the choices definitely abound. Just make sure that before you decide on a particular type, you are confident that such option will lead you to the highest podium of design victory.


Thanks, Cece!

Cece Summers is  a Materials Specialist at, for whom she wrote this post.




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