Dream Home: How Your Home Can Help Your Relationship

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It’s not true in every case, but in many cases the act of homeowning is collaborative.

This means that when we’re envisioning what our dream home looks like, we’re generally doing it with someone we love, very often (but not always!) with a member of the opposite sex. So, what are the connections between gender, relationships, and a dream home exactly? Do men and women have different ideas about what can contribute to our happiness, and even make our relationships better as a result of creating and living in such a home?

Do men and women want the same thing in a dream home?

Take a look at this graphic based on a Trulia survey of 1200 American couples that outlines some of the basics of what’s important to couples as they envision, and build, a dream home together:

Graphic: Trulia, via Visual.ly. Click on the image to open a new window and view in full.

It seems that for the most part, men and women agree on the broad strokes; we all seem to value space over stuff. Where items like hot tubs, dual closets and sinks, and fireplaces made the cut here, what’s more important to us is a sense of being able to breathe in a space, having ample room to walk around in it. This is particularly true in bedrooms, and in kitchens, where adequate cooking and storage space is paramount to the anatomy of a dream home that helps us live happily together.

We want to stay connected with each other

All of this seems to make sense. We don’t need to lock ourselves away from each other in mancaves, media rooms, and arts & crafts rooms. We still want to share our space, and be connected. That’s why we’re in relationships. But, it seems like that space needs to be bright and airy enough for all, with lots of storage space to keep it that way. And a view of something beautiful out our windows doesn’t hurt either.

They say that one’s emotional state is very much informed by our physical environments. So, in this sense, creating a happy home involves seeing to both. And when we’re on the same page in our relationship when it comes to our homes, we’re ahead of the game.

What are some of your ideas about what makes a space most conducive to happiness in a relationship?


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