Dream Spaces: A Home to Aspire To

dream space possibilities

I’m moving to what I call a “bucket-list apartment.”

With a location most locals might stab a granny to inherit, my new pad is a 1930s art deco classic. It’s underpriced here, and couldn’t have even been a dream back in the big city. I don’t know how I lucked out and landed it, but I did.

With a huge 900-square-foot floorplan, windows on three sides, 9-foot cove ceilings, incredible original hardwood floors that have been totally refinished, unique windows, stunning plasterwork, and more. Even the little storage cubby has curved coved-ceiling accents, for crying out loud!  A gas stove, full-size appliances. The list goes on and on and on.

It’s like I’m living in a Nora Ephron movie.

Or like Oprah Winfrey always talks about, how “your home should rise up to meet you.”

A sense of design responsibility

In such a space, I’ll feel like there’s a level of life I need to reach just be deserving of maintaining such a beautiful, fascinating home. Like I’ll need to be worthy of this amazing space artisans of old took such care to create. I’ll be blessed to live in a place with such attention to detail, which has survived several decades of residents who obviously shared this same feeling of fortune, as it remains in immaculate condition.

I find myself often writing about things like caring about your bedroom, valuing the space around you, de-cluttering, keeping only what you value and enjoy, and the emotional value of a beautiful home, because I was raised to believe you should live in a beautiful space no matter what your income level was.

Sure, if you’re riding the poverty line or something, your home won’t be Better Homes & Gardens-level beautiful, but you can care about what’s around you, keep it clean, you can ask others for things they might not be using, and get creative about attaining the home you dream of. I know, I’ve been there.

Big, funky, unique in a space you enjoy

That’s partly what’s so exciting about now finding a dream apartment – something big and funky and unique. With hard work and a lot of patience, and with a hard home-search with very specific wants, I landed something even better than I’d hoped. I spent weeks watching the market after I took the time to make a list of everything my home had to give me. Finally, I found success.

If you’re like me, and you work from home, then your happiness depends on being in a space you enjoy. If you hate your space around you, it isn’t working for you, and you’re constantly aware of that, trust me, it absolutely is affecting your bottom line, if not your health. It sure did me.

What do you need for your space?

Obviously, perfect spaces don’t often just happen. I’m lucky, I’ve got the instant-awesome kind of space coming up. “Just add furniture!”

Most spaces, though, can indeed be improved. It’s all about knowing what you need from your space, then researching for a while to figure out the options that can work for you.

Tell co-workers, Facebook friends, family, and other social media connections what your goals for your space are, and get them helping you on your quest. Follow companies like us, BuildDirect, to see when good sales come up for the dream projects you have in mind to make your space perfect.

Let things you see or find, at stores or yard sales or even in inheritances, help you decide, or even dream, what your space should be.

It’s okay to have lofty dreams for our spaces. We deserve it. With time, creativity, perseverance, and a little good luck, it could even happen.

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