Earth Day 2012: Are There Any Other Planets To Live On?

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This weekend, on Sunday, it will be Earth Day. This is a day established in 1970, just as the environmental movement began to emerge, and as the EPA was founded.

Earth Day was established as a date to deliberately to think about, and talk about, how to protect our galactic home in our daily lives, and in the practices of our governments and private commercial pursuits. But, how unique is our planet exactly? If things don’t work out, can we skip town, and head to another planet?

Well, take a look at this mini-documentary about planet hunting, and attempts to pinpoint the nature of our planet compared to those of others found elsewhere in our galaxy.

So, as if we didn’t already know it, life in the universe is a fragile thing. As such, it’s also incredibly valuable. As the scientific search continues (and so it should) for earth-like planets and for other forms of life out in the universe, I think on Earth Day, it’s important to be reminded of how precious our planet, and our health as a species living here, actually is.

And once again, thinking about how we’re a part of it, and not owners of it, is a powerful concept to think about on Earth Day, or really on any day.

Happy Earth Day, everyone!



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Rob Jones

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