Earthship Construction: How It’s Done (Video)

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A while back, regular writer Nan Fischer wrote about several alternative architecture models for residential living. One of the options she outlined was Earthships, structures built into the natural environment using recycled materials like tires, and using the moderate temperatures of the earth itself to heat and cool the home.

But, how are these structures actually built? What are the stages of construction? What is it ultimately like to live in an Earthship?

I found this video courtesy of Earthship Biotecture that outlines all of these questions visually, using 3-d animation and lot of banjo music. Take a look.

As you can see, the video touches on the construction aspects.But, it also touches on the lifestyle aspects, too. The Earthship home depicted here is built with organic onsite gardening in mind. It also alludes to rainwater harvesting as a means to create drinkable water on site. Basically, the underlying point being made here, it seems to me, is the idea of self-sufficiency as well as the idea of building green, and living that way too.

What say you? Could you live in an Earthship? How much of a cultural adjustment would be the hardest to make? What kinds of questions would you have to have answered before you agreed to do it?

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