Easy and Inexpensive Decor Tips To Celebrate Love At Home

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valentine's day decor

Create a loving atmosphere can be as easy as adjusting your home decor. Here are some suggestions on how to bring the love through objects and accessories that help you connect to feelings of love at home. Perfect for Valentine’s decor and beyond.


I know there are some of you out there thinking “Bah, Valentine’s Day – no thank you!” and yes, Valentine’s Day is typically about romance, love and all that gushy stuff couples (usually new) share. Let’s take a different approach to Valentine’s Day, and every other day, and celebrate love of all different kinds. You can love your kids, your parents, your animals, your friends, and just about anything else you can think of. Go ahead and celebrate the love you have with Valentine’s Day decor all year round.

Here are some easy ways to celebrate love and bring more into your home.

Valentine’s Decor That Works All Year Long

Pictures and Images of Loved Ones

valentine's day decor

If you have a stack of pictures of friends, family, and even your animals, on your fridge – their faces half covered by the magnet – or if your pictures are just something you stumble across occasionally because they are scattered in some random drawer, now is the time to do them up right!

Spend some time choosing frames you like, or create frames yourself. Discount and dollar stores often have basic frames for only a few dollars – you can paint them, glue objects such as shells, feathers, ribbons, and wooden or hard plastic letters, on to capture the personality of the person in the frame. Display your loved ones in these unique frames on tables and shelves throughout your house so you will see them, and think of them, often.


valentine's day decor

You don’t need to have a Valentine, or even a significant other, to receive roses or other flowers! If you do then start hinting, but you could always do a bouquet exchange with a friend, or group of friends, or just buy or grow your own favorite flowers to display inside your house. Flowers have a way of brightening up the room and making you feel happy.

Use Objects and Products You Love

Do you have a beautiful set of china you bring out only when you have special company? Do you have a bottle of fancy bubble bath you received from a friend that sits on the side of your tub unused, waiting for the perfect occasion?

china cup bookshelf

So many people save products for ‘special occasions’ and they never, or rarely, get used. Make tonight an occasion! Serve your dinner, even if it’s only Kraft dinner or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, on your fine china. Take a long, luxurious bubble bath and use those fancy soaps you’ve been saving. You’ll feel great, and I guarantee you that even Kraft dinner tastes better when eaten off fine china!

Feature Artwork, Crafts, or Gifts that You Love

I have a friend who was given an expensive piece of crystal a few years back. She loves it but because it was so expensive, and also so breakable, she keeps it wrapped in tissue in a box in her closet. Recently she told me that whenever she stumbles across it in her closet she pulls it out and thinks of the person who gave it to her and feels that warm fuzzy feeling. I encouraged her to find somewhere safe, maybe a glass box, or a shelf where no one will readily grab at it, and display it so she will see it and get those warm fuzzies more often.

Home Decor Items Are Symbols of Love

Bringing and displaying objects that symbolize who and what you love into your home will bring on smiles and make your Valentine’s Day, and all other days, full of love. Share with us what you love!

valentine's day decor

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