Easy Home Painting Ideas To Increase Resale Value

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Painting your home to create a fresh look is a key resale value strategy, and one of comfort even when not looking to sell. Here are some best practices.


If you want to increase the value of your home, but don’t want to spend thousands on renovations, focus on what you can do for less money. One project to consider is repainting your home’s exterior and interior. Check out these home painting ideas to increase your home’s resale value:

Quick home painting starting points

For those who want a quick and easy weekend project, consider these interior painting ideas:

  • Paint an accent wall to add a splash of color to your dining or living room
  • Refresh the colors in the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom
  • Liven up the paint on your trim, window frames or baseboards
  • Use warm colors in a narrow room to make it feel less cramped
  • Paint walls in a short room in a cool hue to make it feel bigger

If you want to brighten up your exterior, you might:

  • Repaint the front door, along with the trim and moldings
  • Add a fresh coat of paint to the stairs and railways
  • Restain a wood fence to liven it up
  • Change the color of your garage door (depending on the material it’s made from)
  • Repaint the exterior window shutters

These are only some of the many suggestions for those who want to add some color to their homes. You could also use paint to add color to windowless or outdated rooms — or fix up a blemished wall. It just depends on how much time you want to spend painting your home and the amount of money you want to spend on paint.

The average price to paint a room is between $380 and $790, so if you can limit your projects to accent walls and touch ups, you’ll save a lot of money and recoup more on a resale.

Steps to repainting your home

If you’re attempting to tackle a home painting project, some steps to consider are:

  • Removing everything: Don’t leave anything on the walls. Take down posters, paintings and other pieces. You don’t want to accidentally get paint on them. You should also pull furniture and bookshelves away from the walls.

For exterior painting projects, remove any window plants or potted plants near the area you’re painting. You can also cover any nearby plants with a tarp to prevent paint from splashing on them. Do the same with windows and doors if you’re painting the siding.

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  • Cleaning: Wash the walls to prepare them for a new coat of paint. If you’re repainting the exterior siding, consider investing in a pressure washer or paying to have the siding professionally power washed. Otherwise, new paint might not adhere because of the debris.
  • Patching: If there are major scratches or holes in the wall, a coat of paint isn’t going to fix the problem. You need to apply paste or plaster with a putty knife to cover the hole. Once it’s smooth and dried, you can apply the paint. For siding, you’ll need to fix or replace any missing pieces.
  • Applying a primer: You should always consider using a primer before applying your first coat of paint. It cuts down on the total number of paint coats needed and helps to protect against various problems, depending on whether you apply it as part of an interior or exterior paint job. Your paint will also just look better.

What’s the benefit?

If you aren’t sure whether investing in a painting project will pay back during your sale, here are some numbers to help convince you it’s worth the money spent. RealtyTimes reported on HomeGain’s Maximizer feature that homeowners would recoup about 109% of their initial investment in an interior paint job. This feature also showed that an exterior paint job would yield an average 51% return on investment.

So, if you’re going to focus on a project to increase your home’s resale value, look at what you can do inside your home. You’ll get the most value for your dollar, and it will significantly improve the appeal of your home to potential buyers.

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