Eco-Conscious Art in Paris: Can Art Change The World?

As we’ve seen, what lies behind green building, green lifestyles, sustainable business practices, and the whole gamut of eco-friendly thinking, is our awareness of our place in our natural world as a civilization. Awareness is sometimes gained by reading blog posts, or journals, or investigating the alternative press about where things are headed.

But, another force for awareness is art.

Here’s an incredible picture (courtesy of one of my regular reads Inhabitat) of an art installation/optical illusion to be found in front of  Paris City Hall.

Source: via BuildDirect on Pinterest


The installation, entitled “Qui Croire?” (loosely translated “who is to be believed?”) was created by  François Abélanet, who is something of an optical illusion landscape art specialist. The installation took the work of 90 people, and is ambitiously large; 100 meters long, and taking up 1200 square meters in total. You can view it until July 15, should you be in Paris (and if you are, I’m green with envy).

The title of the piece is perhaps in reference to the denial of global climate change, and  the seemingly obtuse response to it by many governments. Perhaps striking images like this kind help to cut through the detached debates about how we manage resources as nations.

Does art like this have any power, politically speaking? My personal thoughts are that even if a piece of art like this is unlikely to change the minds of those in power, at least it helps to ignite the imaginations of the viewer.  Because, it has always been the imagination which has changed the world. And imaginations, like anything important, needs to be fed. To me, this is what art is for.

But, what do you think?

Tell me your own thoughts in the comments section.



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