Eco-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling: Recycled Bathroom Sinks

An elegant, singularly attractive, and highly eco-friendly recycled copper bathroom sink

In this era of sustainability, and in buying smarter while making better use of resources with less waste, eco-friendly bathroom sinks are becoming an increasingly viable option for the average homeowner. These are additions to a bathroom remodeling project that not only make sense ecologically, but also make sense stylistically too. The modern bathroom sink has changed for the better! And they look great.

Here’s Sean Murphy, writer and editor of the blog to tell us more about innovative bathroom sinks for the modern, 21st century household.


Your energy-efficient bathroom lighting illuminates your water-saving bathroom faucet. Your dual flush toilet patiently waits to be utilized. And your eco-friendly (and completely moisture-proof) porcelain tile flooring is your bathroom’s pride and joy.

So, what’s left in the bathroom to give an eco-friendly spin? Think the sink.

A recycled sink is the newest eco-bathroom design trend. So what can it possibly be recycled from? Think copper, concrete, glass, and car tires.

Recycled copper

Copper bathroom sinks are beginning to attract a ton of attention. They’re every bit as much an environmental choice as they are an aesthetic one.

Copper bathroom sinks are recycled and re-purposed from other copper products, then melted down and purified into its original pure elemental state. From there, it’s hammered and shaped into a new sink. Copper sinks are designed to maintain their gorgeous look through decades of use, and they’re 100 percent recyclable.


These already environmentally friendly sinks are becoming friendlier thanks to their manufacturers’ ability to reduce their carbon footprint by using 20 to 40 percent less energy when creating them.

The manufacturers of concrete bathroom sinks are also mixing in other recycled materials like 100 percent post-consumer glass, recycled porcelain, coal fly ash, and organic compounds.

Recycled glass

Recycled glass is more popular than ever and making a smooth transition into the residential bathroom. As you might suspect, these durable and stylish glass vessel sinks are made from recycled glass bottles and industrial glass from car windows and windshields. Speaking of cars…

Rubber tires

In a category all its own is a bathroom sink called RUBBiSH made entirely of recycled rubber tires. After the tires’ rubber is melted down and purified of debris, the metal fibers that provide road resistance are formed into a sheet. This is then stretched over a base frame and anchored down by the drain collar to create the shallow slope for the drain.

Instead of becoming a fire hazard in landfill, old car tires are being re-purposed for sleekly designed bathroom sinks. This is modern, 21st Century innovation at work.

By its very nature, the bathroom is one of your home’s most used rooms in terms of resources. And it only makes sense that when you think about making it more efficient, you consider the sink.

Until next time, Happy Home Improving!


Thanks, Sean!




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