Eco-friendly Spare Room Remodeling

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To continue our exploration in creating serenity in your home by making your spaces eco-friendly, writer and interior design enthusiast Jessica Ackerman talks ab0ut that room in your house that’s just crying out for a transformation; your spare room  …


When it is time to remodel that spare bedroom, forget about spending a lot of money and use green, eco-friendly techniques to furnish the spare room on a budget. Great designs do not have to cost a lot, especially when you can pull in other materials from around the house. Creating a new look with the stylish items that you already have, along with some convenient garage sale or freebee items, is the perfect way to transform that unsightly and outdated spare room into an eco-friendly space.


If the bedroom walls need to be repainted, check in your garage or shed for old cans of paint from past projects. There may not be enough of one color to finish all the walls in the room, but you can always create an accent wall with a different color. Make use of what you have before purchasing new. If you have no paint at home, consider choosing a low-emission, eco-friendly paint at your local hardware or paint store. These paints are better for your home environment, as they cut down on odor and harsh chemicals in the air.


Is the spare room the catchall for extra furniture in the house? Instead of keeping the space cluttered, remove the furniture that you don’t need. Keep the bed, a nightstand or side table, a small dresser and a comfortable chair. The rest of the furniture can be used in other parts of the house or sold at a yard sale. If the furniture that you will be keeping is outdated, repaint it or recover it to give it new life and a look that will match the new style of the room.


Adding new curtains and bedding can quickly transform an old, out of style guest room into a relaxing retreat. If you have nothing on hand that would complete the look you are trying to create, purchase fabrics that are versatile in design and eco-friendly. Organic cotton is an excellent choice for guest linen and it comes in many different colors and styles. It is soft and durable to stand up to even the most restless sleepers. Organic cotton can also be found in window coverings, as well as throw blankets and accent pillows. Always choose fabrics that are non-irritating and hypo-allergenic, as some guests may have allergies that will prohibit them from using down feather comforters or pillows.


The easiest part of redoing a spare room is finding accent pieces. Look around the home for items that can be integrated into the spare room’s decor without much alteration. There may be some pieces that need to be repainted, but that will be cheaper and more environmentally friendly than purchasing new. Do not limit your seeking out of items to the interior of the home either. Outdoor metal art can be given new life as an interior wall art sculpture. Borrow books from the library about crafting with recycled materials to get other ideas as well. Remodeling with repurposed and recycled items also gives you an opportunity to de-clutter your home as you search for the perfect pieces to move into the spare room.


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Jessica Ackerman, author and staff designer at, your best wall art site, specializes in restaurant wall decor.

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Jessica Ackerman

Jessica Ackerman grew up working in her family’s construction business beginning in the back office and migrating to the actual, hands on construction side of the enterprise. In addition to writing posts on the BuildDirect blog, Jessica is currently a senior staff writer for an online home decor store called Wall Decor and Home Accents.