Elegant Man Cave Ideas For Your Basement

man cave

Man caves don’t have to be just functional. How about adding a little elegance to a man’s personal space? Here are some man cave ideas that are also pretty stylish.


We’ve talked about man caves quite a bit on BuildDirect. It’s really interesting to see all the different perspectives of my colleagues on this topic, and here I am with an addition of my own: the elegant man cave.

man cave

The elegant man cave isn’t just a video games room or a home movie theatre. It’s a space where the elegant, intelligent man can retire with a good book, a glass of his favorite scotch, and some Miles Davis on the box. Think “private club” rather than “dorm rec room”, and you have an idea of what I have in mind here.

What are the features of the elegant man cave? Although the idea of “elegant” will be different from man to man, there are certain things that will turn a drab basement into something much more interesting.

Let’s have a look.

Colors: dark and comforting

There’s something about darker colors that make them perfect for the elegant man cave. By dark, I don’t necessarily mean  “black”, but I’m definitely thinking rich hues of brown, taupe, and burgundy.

Darker colors make a space look smaller; but they can also make a space feel cozy and comforting. A dark brown floor such as stained acacia or black walnut as your flooring choice, a complementary shade on the walls and a dark contrast for crowns and baseboard moldings will do just fine.

Man cave
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Adding some texture to the wall, like dark stone or realistic brick print paneling, can change the atmosphere from “okay” to “wow” in an instant. You can also look into wood wall paneling that works well with your choice of flooring.

Once you have a nice, warm, comforting palette with interesting textures, you can easily match elegant leather and dark wood furniture to the rest of the room.

Furniture: masculine leather and dark wood

You cannot escape it: the leather wingback chair is definitely an essential for the elegant man cave decor. It just wouldn’t be a man cave without it! Don’t forget a footstool to rest your legs up while reading. I personally can’t read without one.

If you prefer fabric (sure, not everyone likes leather), choose a dark grey or taupe fabric, or maybe a masculine pattern like herringbone or a simple glen plaid. These are usually associated with men’s fashion, and thus remain appropriate for a masculine space.


For the rest of the furniture, like bookshelves and tables, you want to choose something that matches your floor closely. The matching colors will enhance the harmony of the room. If you want a space to feel comfortable and elegant, you want to avoid harsh clashes in color.

You can even match your interior door to the rest of the room; a dark, reddish-brown wood is a good choice for the elegant man cave.

Little extras: bar, games, etc.

What do you imagine you’ll do in your new elegant man cave? I can easily see games of pool and darts, lots of reading (of course the elegant man reads!), watching movies or TV shows with friends, or simply enjoying a quiet drink with some music, away from the noise and clutter of the rest of the house. Think of adding, for example, a card table (covered in felt to avoid the cards from sliding off the table) and other social games.

If you have space, a bar is an excellent addition to your man cave. It’s nothing more than a kitchen island, with maybe a small fridge and some space for your bottles and glassware.

At-Home Bar

Granite countertop is an excellent choice for your man cave bar. It comes in light or dark colors (a little contrast here would be acceptable; choose a good match to your wall paneling or the color of the rest of your island), and the color speckles within the granite can highlight different shades from the rest of the room.

Elegant and beautiful

The man cave doesn’t have to be unsophisticated and rough. Even men can enjoy elegant decor–as can be seen with these ideas for an elegant man cave. Choosing the right colors, matching the furniture and adding useful extras will help you build the elegant retreat space you’ve always dreamed of.

Your ideal elegant man cave

What would you add to a man cave or rec room to give it that air of sophistication? What would be the must-have design elements to help set the scene for you?

Tell us all about it in the comments section.

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