Emotional Interior Design: Using Green

Green is more than just a color. In the 21st century particularly, it represents a way of life – living green. But beyond that, green has associations that are pretty firmly established in our psychology and our emotional state. And really, that is perhaps why those more modern ideas of green as it relates to our lifestyles, and our relation to our environment too, are so powerful.

But, what else does the color green represent? And more specifically, how does green as a design element help you to communicate an atmosphere of positivity in your spaces? Well, for that we have a graphic that outlines the emotional impact that green can have on your interior design plans.

Take a look!


Color_Psychology_Green copy


Yes. OK. Go. That’s a big part of what makes green asssociated so closely with everything empowering and positive. And I think the combination of blue (a color you can count on) and yellow (a color abounding with sunny friendliness) makes green a very balanced color; reliable, friendly, and also with a sense of calmness too.

Maybe that has to do with nature as well, that sense of connectedness that is so important particularly when we’re at home. For me that’s another big takeaway when it comes to the color green and how it can add to the emotional well-being of a space; a sense of vitality that is not quite as dramatic as it is with the color red, say. But, green reminds us that lushness and liveliness doesn’t have to be quite so extroverted. It can be quiet and unassuming, too.

Home improvement products in the green spectrum

Green floor tile

Rubber flooring

Vinyl siding

Glass blend mosaic tile

Granite countertops

How do you use green?

What elements in your space represent the green spectrum?

How does green affect your state of mind?

Which colors help to bring out the positivity of green even more?

Tell me all about it in the comments section!



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