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Pool season is slowly drawing to a close. Here are some ways to plan your end of summer gathering to see the season off in your outdoor living space.


The end of summer is in sight. Labor Day weekend that’s coming up is the perfect opportunity to get together with loved ones and say goodbye to summer with one last pool party. Your get-together needn’t leave a gaping hole in your finances with these clever DIY solutions.

DIY your decorations

The right decorations help set the scene for any party. But why spend a fortune at the party store when it’s so easy to make more memorable decorations yourself?

Pool noodle garlands are a great way to remind guests of your Labor Day celebration’s theme. Simply take three different colored pool noodles and use an exacto knife to cut half inch slices. Feed the noodle pieces onto a string. Tie a noodle slice at either end of your finished garland to prevent the pieces from sliding off. Then simply hang them up around your patio or pool area. The garlands have the added advantage of surviving party splashing!

If your pool party’s at night, light it up with fun glowstick balloons. They couldn’t be easier to make. Simply crack a glowstick and put it inside a deflated balloon. Blow it up and the glowstick will illuminate the balloon. Make a few different colored balloons, then sit them on the water to jazz up your pool.

Cook around a handmade fire pit

The right food is an essential element for any party. Barbecues are popular during summer, but you can give your cookout a DIY twist with a fire pit. It sounds complicated, but you can actually make your own fire pit in just a weekend.

Once constructed, it’ll be the focal point of your Labor Day, bringing your guests together to make memories while cooking anything from simple kebobs or hot dogs to marinated meats. Don’t forget the marshmallows; once the main meal is done the kids will love making s’mores.

Create DIY pool games

You could toss the same old toys into the pool, but your guests are likely to have much more fun if you DIY your games. Marco Polo and Sharks and Minnows are popular choices, but for a Labor Day party with a real difference try Greased Watermelon Football.

Simply grease a summer melon with Vaseline and toss it in the pool. The first person to retrieve it from the water wins. It’s such a simple game, but the sight of players wrestling with the greasy fruit is priceless.

Serve drinks with beach ball stirrers

Whether you’re serving cocktails or non-alcoholic mocktails, you can add a little summery flair to your Labor Day party drinks with DIY beach ball stirrers. They look so striking, but are surprisingly easy to make. Sand off a ping-pong ball (this will make the paint stick), use an awl to make a hole in its base, and stick a straw or skewer through it. Then simply paint it like a beach ball! Red, blue, and yellow are popular summer colors, but you could always choose your favorite hues, or red, white, and blue for a patriotic twist.

With a little time and creativity, these DIY pool party ideas can help you make a splash this Labor Day weekend.









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