Endless Summer: Ways To Bring The Beach Inside

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Summer may be passing, but summer decor that we associate with beach memories don’t have to. Here are some ways to represent the warm season with home decor.


Leisurely days spent swimming in the ocean and relaxing on the shore are what summer is made of, so it’s sad to realize that beach season is nearly over. But don’t despair sun lovers; you can bring the beach indoors and enjoy it all year round with these clever design tips.

Choose a “beachy” color palette

A new coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to spruce up a room. Choose the colors of the coast to bring the beach inside your home. The soft beige of the sand, the vibrant turquoise of the ocean, and the pale pinks and grays of shells are obvious choices, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Take a look at our A Beach in Canada color palette, inspired by a beach in Prince Edward Island. Its rich red soil and green water helped inspire the earthy color scheme. Think about what the beach means to you and look for paints with colors that remind you of these important elements to make your home feel as relaxing as a day at the beach.

Get the textures right

Many Americans have fond memories of drying themselves off with a cotton towel after a swim in the ocean and opening up a wicker basket to enjoy a picnic lunch on the sand. You can recall these quintessential beach experiences by using these fabrics throughout your home. Natural, golden brown wicker looks beautiful against a beachy color palette. Consider buying wicker chairs, using wicker boxes to organize your essentials, or browsing thrift stores for a vintage wicker cabinet.

Light cotton drapes will let the light through and create the bright, airy atmosphere you associate with time at the beach. You could also decorate with cotton covered cushions in the beachy colors discussed above.

houseplant window lace curtain sunshine

Decorate your home with found objects

The relationship you have with the beach is unique, so rather than scouring the stores for beach-themed décor, it’s much smarter to decorate with found items that represent your time at the beach.

Keep an eye out for pretty shells, smooth pebbles, and other natural souvenirs as you walk the sand. Large shells, pebbles, pieces of coral, sea fans, and pieces of driftwood can look striking sitting on mantle pieces, tables, and other surfaces. Medium shells inside a glass bowl make an excellent centerpiece. Use small shells and pieces of sea glass to give your photo frames a beach-inspired makeover.

Proudly display your beach memories

Another way to create a personalized beach-inspired space is to decorate it with memories of your time on the shore. Take a camera with you on your last few visits to the beach this season, and snap photos of your favorite sights. You could frame the photos in rustic wooden frames, which call to mind the driftwood you find on the beach, or get your favorite shots printed on large canvases.

Summer may be nearly over, but you needn’t say goodbye to the beach just yet. With these clever design ideas you can enjoy the seaside all year round.








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