Energy Efficiency and Human Health in Affordable Housing

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Energy efficiency in a residence is vital for any homeowner. But, for those who are seriously in need, and served by an organization like Habitat For Humanity, keeping cost exposure low takes on a whole new meaning. This is the face of affordable housing in the 21st century; houses  need to be built to be energy efficient, but ultimately they need to be built for the health and security of people who will be living in them.

Take a look at this video, uploaded by Green Building Advisor, that takes a detailed look at one such project that is looking to be both LEED platinum rated, as well as one of the most affordable energy efficiency residential project in the country at the same time.



Some of the highlights of this project include good air quality, multiple kinds of insulation including exterior sheathing, and advanced framing design. The balance that is kept in mind here is that of human health balanced against a ‘tight’ house that makes heating and cooling a home as efficient as possible. After all, houses are for people!

An important point here is that this balance must be struck at the design stage, that it is design which is the key factor in ensuring that all the goals of energy efficiency, and occupant comfort and health are realized. In this case, it looks like the eventual recipients of this home will enjoy some very reasonable utility bills. The design of the home they’re in has been geared around reducing consumption by making better use of energy output. This is going to be important in a climate like New England where it gets pretty cold in winter months.

What do you think of the technology and approach in this video. Do you agree that the most energy efficient and healthy homes are the ones that are built from the ground up?

Let me know in the comments section of this post.



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