Energy Efficiency DIY Home Energy Checklist

Energy use and our consumption of natural resources are tied together, of course. And so, the idea of energy efficiency is not just about saving money, but it also means making the most out of what we take from the natural world.

But, how do you make sure that’s happening in your home? Well first of all, you know where your problem areas are in your home when it comes to wasted energy. Or, maybe you don’t! Even if you’re planning on a professional energy efficiency assessment in the Fall, knowing the areas in your home that need attention is vital.As a means of making sure you know the score, below is a graphic of how you can conduct your own energy efficiency assessment.

This guide can be a tool for you as a part of a seasonal check, both now in the Summer, and of course toward the Fall when it’s time to get ready for the Big Leagues of energy output that now seems so far away – the Winter!

Take a look!

How To Energy Check Your Home DIY

DIY Home Energy Check Guide

Many out there will have already discovered the areas of their homes that are less than energy efficient. Or maybe you have your idea who the main suspects are. What are those areas, and what strategies have you pursued to see to them? What have the results been?

Tell us all about it in the comments section of this post.


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