Energy Efficiency: What if Everyone Got An Upgrade?

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When it comes to energy efficiency, we’re all in this together.

So, what would happen if we all decided to get an energy efficiency upgrade, like a timed thermostat in our homes? What about our water heaters? What if we all installed smart, on-demand heaters that only heated our water when we actually needed it?

What about if we all decided that conserving fresh, drinkable water, since fresh water is dwindling world-wide, should be a top priority?

And, even if all the tree-hugging isn’t your bag, then what if we all looked at how much money we’d actually save that we could put towards other things, thanks to better, smarter, more efficient technologies that conserve resources?

Well, people;  the numbers might look a little bit like this :

Why does the graphic start at “2.”? Well, I think that’s a great question.

Maybe you can tell us what “1.” should be! Feel free to do so in the comments section of this very post!


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Rob Jones

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