Engineered Hardwood-Tips for Shopping Online, Item#1

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Hi all,

Admittedly, there may be broader topics that warrant the prestigious “Item#1” distinction, but the following really burns my hide. I think we would all agree that an online retailer should provide the visitor with all possible information necessary to make an informed product comparison. Right? Why then, when would the vast majority of online retailers carrying Engineered Hardwood fail to mention the top wear layer thickness?

As discussed in a previous blog, I’m of the opinion that the importance of a thick top wear layer thickness is over emphasized. However, it remains a key product characteristic and on goes a long way in determining price. I would argue that not advertising this feature intentionally misleads customers and prevents them from comparing apples to apples.

When shopping online for a Engineered Hardwood floors, and before ordering samples, be sure to ask about the top wear layer thickness. You may want to go one step further and ask why the supplier is not forthright with this key information.



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Matt Dickinson