Environmental Friendliness by State

The blessing and the curse about living in a large country like mine or like the United States, is that there is steep difference in how success is measured when it comes to sustainability. It’s a blessing because we have a lot to teach each other from region to region. There are lots of fascinating discussions to have, ideas to exchange, and exciting projects to carry out which aren’t about ideological agendas, but about the movement toward better quality of living for more people living in a given area – including job creation!

But, this diversity can be a curse because very often, the playing field is very rarely level when it comes to resources to get us where we need to be. There is also the business of those ideological barriers that often impede fact-based strategies to achieve that better quality of life where our resources and natural world are concerned.

With all of that in mind, here’s an interactive map of the United States that measures the progress of each American state when it comes to sustainable infrastructure and public policy too.

Produced by MPHOnline.org . Click HERE to view the graphic in its original size in a new window

So what’s your take on your own state as it’s represented here? Is the criteria fair? Does it match up to your experiences in your community? Have you got any stories about progress in your community and your state when it comes to sustainable policy and infrastructure? Have you got frustrating stories about the barriers to progressive policies when it comes to some of the criteria outlined in this graphic?

Tell me all about it in the comments section!



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