Erin Loechner’s Thanksgiving Home Decor

Today, one of our friends and respected interior design writer Erin Loechner makes a glorious return here on this humble blog of ours.  She talks about one of her favorite times of the year – Thanksgiving – which is more than just a date on a calendar.  It’s a part of a cultural ritual which we share with loved ones.

And with every good ritual, you need the right accouterments, props, stuff, to help you get a stylish edge to the proceedings, especially when you’ve been working hard on transformative home renovations the year before.  Who better to talk about showing off a transformed home than Erin?


Hands down, the best part about living through a grueling renovation is the satisfaction you get from hosting a dinner party, family function or holiday festivity. For me, Thanksgiving has always been my favorite time of year and although I won’t yet be finished with my home, I’ll definitely be dreaming of next year’s celebration.

Care to see how I’ll be entertaining my family and friends next year?

With simple ingredients and a sweet, rustic apron, I’ll be head of the kitchen! Clearly, this is my dream world:

thanksgiving 1thanksgiving 2

I’ll display a quirky gourd garland around my front door, decorate with plenty of wooden accents and keep chunky, warm throw blankets on hand for when the sun goes down!

thanksgiving 3

I’ll set my table with festive dinnerware, linen napkins and plenty of homemade jam!

thanksgiving 4

And, of course, rustic touches will be scattered throughout the rest of my home for the ultimate Thanksgiving experience.

Can you smell the cornbread already? Ahhhh, autumn has arrived!

How will you be decorating, friends?


Thanks Erin!

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