Every Bit Counts: Eco-Friendly Habits Really Are Working!

For the first time in my lifetime, we’ve seen a measurable impact for our eco-friendly habits, and we’re starting to save the world. Read on!


little girls chalk drawing earth planetYou don’t have to look too far into reports from the science community to see growing alarm about climate change and global warming, but luckily, you’ll also find constructive tips on how to be a part of solving those problems. The even better news is that more and more people are getting onboard those efforts that’ll see us through these times.

Like any times of challenges, anyone who’s made dramatic improvements in either finances or weight and health will tell you their most important lesson learned: Every Bit Counts.

All the little bits!

When it comes to saving our planet, all the “little bits” done by you, me, and our friends, they all add up to big difference. And the more we keep helping it add up, the more chance that, in coming years, we’ll see real change and reversal of damages done.

Guess what? It’s working!

I’m 41 years old, and for the first time since my birth, Planet Earth did not see a rise in carbon monoxide in 2014.

That’s right, carbon monoxide, the culprit behind climate change, didn’t rise during 2014.

As Wired reported:

The surprise announcement marks the first time in 40 years that emissions have remained stable in the absence of a major global economic crisis. The total amount of CO2 emitted was 32 gigatonnes — the same as in 2013.

“This is both a very welcome surprise and a significant one,” said IEA Chief Economist Fatih Birol. “It provides much-needed momentum to negotiators preparing to forge a global climate deal in Paris in December: for the first time, greenhouse gas emissions are decoupling from economic growth.”

That concept of ‘decoupling’ is a very important one to many environmental scientists — it means that economic growth is no longer linked to emissions, suggesting that it may be possible to increase the former without the latter rising alongside it.

Reality check

That’s sadly where the good news ends, because as the article carries on to explain that the planet will continue warming. That means more melting ice caps, more rising seas, and so on.

It will take a lot more of what’s going on in order for us to reverse what we can, but for issues like the melting ice caps and rising seas, we will reap what we’ve sown. Thankfully, we’ve got great people working to change our outcomes.

And here’s the thing. No animal on the planet adapts better to change and adversity than the human animal. We’re smart. We’re creative.

By continuing to change how we operate — from our “green” practices at home to what we demand of our industries and leaders — we can keep turning back the damage in some regions. We can create more stability in ecosystems that remain intact. We can work with changing shorelines and do what we can to mitigate the environmental impact of rising seas.

We got this.

Change yourself, change your world

When it comes to curbing your carbon creation, you’re a part of the solution. You can project those values into the choices you make too. From how you shop to where you live, from getting around to chilling at home, there are a ton of ways you can play a big part in making sure Every Bit Counts.

In three upcoming articles, I’ll give you simple, practical ways to make a big impact at home, at work, and beyond.

As someone who’s had success with the “Every Little Bit” method of debt-busting and getting healthy, I know first-hand that the worst thing you can do is to let up your vigilance once you start seeing good results. Instead, do more of that same awesome. Find other little places to cut back.

For the first time in my lifetime, we’ve seen our emissions halt, and it’s all because, one step at a time, people and businesses and governments are realizing they’re part of how we solve these crises.

Stay tuned as my upcoming columns will help you make Every Bit Count through easy, doable ways.

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