Evolution of the Modern Bathroom

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The bathroom; a small, yet vital component to the modern household. Like anything, the bathroom has an origin and an evolution, across centuries, eras, and cultures.

So, what is that evolution, and what does it really mean to us in the 21st century? Maybe an even bigger question concerns how the evolution of the bathroom affected the development of civilization itself.

History has shown that it’s often the most humble of inventions that have the biggest effects on public health, quality of urban living, and even down to the length of of the average lifespan as these technologies develop. Would there have been plagues in Europe during the reign of Elizabeth I and when Shakespeare was a popular playwright, had there been an efficient means of disposing of household waste at the time, for instance? What about convenient bathing practices, their positive health effects, and the technology to support it?

It’s a pretty weighty question over technologies that we now take for granted, perhaps.

So, let’s take a look at the evolution of the modern bathroom from the earliest sewage systems from dawn of civilization, to the smart toilets and fixtures that save us water in this modern era of sustainability.



In some ways, the way that the modern bathroom has developed is parallel to our growing awareness of health, comfort, and ultimately of an appreciation of aesthetics and atmosphere too.  We still care about the practicalities, of course. But, now, the bathroom has moved beyond them and into the realm of what we consider to be that of style, and expression.

We take the marble and travertine tile developed from the styles of Roman empire, and also bring in modern low-flow technology that makes our modern bathrooms a combination of eras, incorporating the best of both. Now, the bathroom has gone beyond simple function, and often is a defining feature of our homes.

So, what are your ideas of where bathroom and plumbing technology is taking us into our 21st century. What points on the timeline do you see emerging?

Let us know in the comments section!



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