Experimental ‘Eco-City’ to Test New Green Technology For Market-Readiness

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The 6000-resident population of St. Albert Alberta Canada is planned to be the site of a clean-energy supported green community project with the help of Rampart Avenir Communities, a Dutch investment firm.

Downtown St. Albert, Alberta Canada

The project is meant to set up the 135 hectare area, located between Ray Gibbon Drive and Carrot Creek west of the North Ridge community in Edmonton, as a ‘living laboratory’ of implemented green technologies. The residential setting will then serve to measure possible commercial scalability in other areas.

The investment firm has partnered with urban planning firm Melcor developments in Edmonton, US energy investment firm EnerTech Capital, and the National Institute for Nanotechnology University of Alberta.

The goal of the project is to test specific technologies in partnership, connecting research, engineering, and commerce for the promotion of clean energy and eco-communities of the future. St. Albert is a control group for comparison purposes, a community to be supported solely on green technologies, then to be contrasted against traditional energy technologies in similarly scaled areas.

Areas of interest in this project are clean technology, water harvesting and re-use, local energy production, and on-site food production to support residents. Quality of life is also a first tier priority during the project.

Local service providers are instrumental in implementation, with the guidance of the National Institution For Nanotechnology, to create a knowledge base to be applied on other projects. Funding for projects from Rampart Avenir enable projects like the construction of zero-energy houses that are modeled, and then replicated when the technology is proven. After which, researchers test efficiencies with the end result being marketability.

The ultimate goal of the project is to prove the synergy of finance, research, engineering, and commerce using green technologies, so that the model will be taken up by other partnerships through out the world.

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