Expert Design Ideas, 2: How Do You Use A Focal Point?

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The focal point is one of the critical elements all professional and DIY designers need to pay attention to… or so they say. What is focal point, why is it so important, and how difficult is it to change it?

We asked DIY Design Blogger Shannon Acheson of {aka} design about  the focal point of a room and how relatively simple changes can lead to a big impact.

Highlight from the interview with Shannon, conducted by Jonathon Narvey.

We have a really long back room in our house. It’s a living room and a dining room. It’s full of windows. One entire wall is windows, which is fabulous. But the way you enter the room, the first thing you see is the end wall between two skinny little windows. At one point we had our TV cabinet there but that really wasn’t the first thing I wanted people to see in the room when they walked in.

We changed the layout and on that focal wall now instead is some really pretty slipper chairs and a beautiful mantle that we built. So that fireplace, for that really big mantle-led shelf, we can put a really big piece of artwork on that. The TV cabinet is still there and when you sit in the right place, you can still see it and have a great view. But we changed the focal point for when you walk into the room to something more appealing and more beautiful than a TV cabinet.

Listen to the whole interview with designer Shannon Acheson on focal points.


Shannon and Dean Acheson are a Canadian couple who share their perspectives on thrifty design finds, organization ideas and affordable DIY projects at the {aka} design blog.

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