Expert Design Ideas, 3: Interior Design Details

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Take care of all of the little details and the big picture will take care of itself. That’s a bit of advice that applies to many things in life, but particularly for interior design projects. So, what are the little details that you need to focus on?

We discussed this theme with Ottawa-based Interior Designer Kelly James, the founder of Jax Décor and Design.

Highlight from the interview with Kelly about taking care of the small details of your interior design project:

A quick little thing you can do if you have for example, a black front door and you want to add a little color you could paint the edge of your door red or blue — something little that kind of makes it more personal and makes it an expression of you or the things that you like and the things you want around you. That’s what all of those little details are about.

For instance, maybe you have a bookcase and you have books and maybe some knick-knacks on it, you step back and look at it and something is out of balance or missing. You can’t identify what it is, but something you just know it’s not good as it could be. Go through your house — maybe a piece in your living room is the perfect piece for your bedroom.


Listen to the whole interview with interior design expert Kelly James.


Kelly James blogs about interior design at Jax Does Design. She founded JAX Decor & Design in 2009. With a long-time love and passion for decorating, she now lives her dream as a professional decorator.

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