Expert Design Ideas, 5: Going Local With Interior Design

You’ve probably heard of the 100-Mile Diet that promotes the idea of getting everything you eat from within, well, 100 miles. Plenty of interior designers are also focusing more on sourcing local materials for their projects, for eco-friendly reasons, but also to pay homage to local styles.

We talked with registered Interior Designer Rachel Clarida at Hatch Design, a sustainability focused interior design company based in Kelowna, B.C. She gave interviewer Jonathon Narvey some excellent pointers on how to go local with some proper planning and imagination.

Highlight from the interview with Rachel Clarida on sourcing local materials for interior design, talking about a recent interior design project:

The bench was made from a pine tree which was infected with pine beetles, so the tree had to come down. The owner of the store saw the opportunity to use beautiful stained wood and work with a local metalworker to create this bench.

It’s absolutely gorgeous and it fits well in the space. It’s as local as it gets — the bench traveled no more than two kilometers through the entire process.


Listen to the whole interview with interior designer Rachel Clarida.



The Hatch Interior Design blog focuses on sustainable design topics, aimed at architects, builders, reno contractors and more. Hatch Interior Design’s team are commercial specialists, crafting spaces that foster productivity, growth, and profitability. 

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