Expert Design Ideas, 6: Interior Design With Seasons In Mind

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Spring turns to summer, fall to winter – and each of these seasons inspires a new design for your home. How do you make changes to reflect the mood and style of the season?

We discussed this challenge with northern Ontario-based Interior Designer Nina Nordbeck of Interior Design North. Here’s a highlight from the interview conducted by Jonathon Narvey with Nina about designing for the seasons :

For me it’s quite natural to bring some of the outdoors inside. You can do a lot by switching up the placemats you have at home and the napkins and just bring more color into your home, like bright green or yellow for example. Those are bright and cheery colors for the spring. With simple methods, you can spruce up your home for the season.

Also, with accent pillows, it’s very easy. Just going out and buying some accent pillows for your couch. Take out that throw that you had during the winter that is more of a muted, darker color and bring in some happy, refreshing colors there as well. Those are some simple things you can do.


Listen to the whole interview with interior designer Nina Nordbeck .

Catharina (Nina) Nordbeck is an interior design graduate from the Sheffield School in New York. She was drawn to interior design after having renovated and decorated many homes for friends and of her own. She created Interior Design North in 2011.

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