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Finding ways to light up a room is more than about practicality. It’s about style, too. And more importantly, it’s about creating a mood, an atmosphere, and about securing a great first impression.

The folks at Arcadian Lighting offer some advice in this guest post on some of the moods, vibes, interior design styles that can be achieved with just the right lighting, and lighting fixtures.


A light fixture can make or break a room – choose the perfect one to match the decor of a space and a room will look streamlined, however opt for an outdated lighting fixture and the style factor goes way down. From pendant lighting to wall sconces, chandeliers to under cabinet lights, the choices are endless.

Explore your lighting options by using some of these snazzy rooms for inspiration.

Inset and in-style lighting

Lighting Options

ArchiThings (via)

Pot lights, or recessed lighting fixtures, are integrated into the ceiling for a seamless look. They work well in utilitarian spaces, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Utilitarian minimalism lighting

Lighting Options

Lolalina (via)

A light fixture doesn’t have to be ornate to make a statement – sometimes the simplest set-up, such as a single ceiling light over a countertop, is striking on its own.

Candle chandelier lighting fixtures

Lighting Options

Homey Designing (via)

Pillar candles propped over a formal dining room lends a soft, rustic feel when paired with wrought-iron hardware and dark wood furniture.

On the wall lighting

Lighting Options

Home-EE (via)

Sometimes a light fixture, like this wall-mounted extendable lamp, is the perfect mix of form and function when perched next to a bed.

Stylish sconces

Lighting Options

houzz (via)

While wall sconces have been popular options for hall and entry ways, they can also be used higher up on a wall in order to extend a room’s height.

Overhead opulence

Lighting Options

HomeDesignInterior (via)

Dramatic lighting can turn a bedroom into the centrepiece of the home – these modern flush ceiling lights are incredibly striking.

Chic teardrops

Lighting Options

Eclectic Revisted (via)

Pendant lights are oh-so-chic and inviting when used to accent a conversational area of a home, such as a casual dining room.

Under-cover decor agent

Lighting Options

Canada LEDS (via)

Under cabinet lights, either used with kitchen cupboards or stand-alone armoires, add the perfect amount of ambient light.



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