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When it comes to design in the 21st Century, one important idea we’ve seen, and have explored extensively here on this BuildDirect blog of ours, is the idea of connecting an interior with an exterior. We’ve hosted a number of interior design specialists and enthusiasts here to ruminate on this very thing for your benefit.

But, today we’re going to hear from an *exterior* specialist and enthusiast, returning writer and siding expert Robby Monk …


If you love the outdoors and want your home’s interior to reflect that love, you may want to consider updating a room or rooms with a nature-themed, modern design. Below are some tips if you’re thinking about doing some interior redesign with an outdoor twist:

Mix neutral colors with blue and green hues

Dominate outdoor colors are browns/tans and blues and greens. Mixing these colors can make for both a natural and attractive scene. For instance, try an earthy green color on your walls. This will save money if you already have wood floors or even off white or tan carpet, as the green will contrast well with your current flooring.

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Additionally, coordinate your room’s decor to correspond with the wall color. Bedding, for example, in a complimentary shade of green will not only make for a modern look but also make the room look bigger, which also correlates with the “wide open outdoor” theme you’re going for.

Woods give a natural look

If you already have wood floors or vaulted wood ceilings, you’ll have an easier time of giving your home’s interior an outdoor makeover. Pine wood works especially well if you’re looking at giving your home’s interior an outdoor feel.

Add plants, greenery

Plants are an easy way to bring the outdoors in. Look for indoor-specific plants. Greenery will add a nice touch of color if you’re planning to use neutrals for your primary colors. What’s good about plants is they can bring a picturesque scene to any room. They can be placed in corners or atop furniture, or they can even be hanged from the ceiling or other high spot. Better yet, if you don’t have a green thumb, artificial plants or flowers can be used. Well-made artificial plants are designed so that most people cannot visibly tell they’re artificial.

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Go for large windows

Big, open windows will not only give a room more natural light, they’ll also give you a view of the outdoors—making your “outdoorsy” interior look even more expansive and roomy. You can accent large windows with natural-looking and light-weight curtains, so as not to take away from the windows, but to give you some coverage from bright sunlight or privacy in the evenings. New, large windows are certainly an option if you need to replace your current windows due to deterioration or damage.

Sliding doors—a step away from being outdoors

Either in replacement of a large window, or simply to compliment it, sliding glass doors with a view will allow you to be just steps away from the outdoors. Sliding doors also can offer a segue to an outdoor living area such as an expansive deck or patio.

Think outside of the box when you are looking to create an outdoor feel inside your home.  If you have an outdoor living area that you enjoy with your family and friends, take elements of that outdoor space and incorporate them into your indoor area.  This may include furniture that is more geared towards outdoor living or even replacing a ceiling fan with one that may be suited for outdoor use. You can create an outdoor “oasis” inside if you take a creative approach to your design.


Thanks, Robby!

Robby Monk is an online marketing professional for Exovations who enjoys writing on home improvement and outdoor living.  Exovations is one of the largest home improvement and remodeling contractors in the southeast that specializes in home siding, window replacement and deck building just to name a few. You can follow Exovations on Twitter.




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