Extreme Heating and Cooling

Think your home heating and cooling expenses are high? Check out some of the stats below on the hottest and coldest places in the country! Also note how two of the biggest buildings in America handle their heating and cooling needs.

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Extreme Heating and Cooling Facts

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Boeing Plant (no traditional HVAC): Due to the weather in Seattle which seldom peaks over 90° F , the production floor does not have any a/c. The temperature is regulated by two things, the weather outside and the light bulbs. If the factory is too warm they open the factory doors and run fans to blow air into to the factory. And if it gets too cold, they rely on the light bulbs above the production floor. The factory uses over 1 million light bulbs!

Nasa Vehicle Assembly Building (their bills are bigger than yours!): Air Conditioning: 9,070 metric tons (10,000 tons), 125 ventilators. Based on 1,400 watts per ton of cooling & $0.24 per hour – This place costs $2,400 per hour to run cooling.


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