Factory Finish on fiber cement?

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Just a little bit about the finishing process for fiber cement boards. The factory finish applied by the manufacturer offers two major advantages. First, your purchasing a product that is ready to install. The boards come painted, the caulking is color coded to the paint and even the nails match. This relieves homeowners of the headache that is known as “We’re painting the house”. I’m sure the painters out there won’t be happy to hear it but for the most part, planning a painting project around the weather, having to spread drop sheets over the greenhouse and watching 3-4 people milling around the home isn’t always a sought after experience. It really is nice to be able to finish the job with a few less steps. Granted there will be some touch up necessary after the product is installed but a factory finish is a world away from bringing in the paint squad.

Secondly, the finish that the factory applies is better quality. Applied in a controlled environment, the two coats are evenly distributed over the boards. The first coat is applied and then baked on. The second coat is applied and also baked on. No bugs, streaks or moisture problems. After paint, the boards are coated with a plastic to protect them through transportation. At the end of the day your siding is installed, painted. Some two coat applications can even give you a25 yr. warranty against peeling, blistering etc.


So having said all this, and by way I have friends who paint homes for a living, I would invite a painters perspective on the factory finish versus the field application. I mean what is the argument against this process, it seems too good? Did I mention it’s usually cheaper…..

Tyler Fox

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