Fake Or Real Green? Why Artificial Plants Are Okay

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artificial house plants flower arrangement

Fake plants are practical, easy to care for and, nowadays, plenty realistic. Here are some important reasons artificial plants are OK to use for home decor.


If you follow this blog closely, you’ve probably noticed how we’ve had several posts about the value and benefits of green plants, from a closer relationship to nature to better air and even Feng Shui. Plants add organic beauty and make us happier, healthier and more productive.

But sometimes, there’s just no way we can have real plants. Sometimes it’s having pets and not wanting to risk making them sick. Sometimes it’s not having enough light or humidity to make the plants thrive. Sometimes it’s not being at home often enough to take proper care of them. Sometimes it’s just having a black thumb.

artificial roses flowers on wood table

So, what if you do want the look of plants, but somehow can’t manage to keep actual plants alive? Are fake plants ever OK?

Well, yes they are. Here’s why.

Fake plants have gotten quite realistic

Fake plants used to have a bad reputation. They looked fake. You could see the printing on the fabric, or the weave of the fibres, or something that would break the illusion right away. But as technology advanced, so did the realism of fake plants.

Fake plants now come with nicely textured trunks, stems, leaves and flowers. If you’ve been to an IKEA lately, you may have noticed the FEJKA line of fake plants, which has excellent imitations of popular trees and indoor plants. Their potted bamboo and fig tree are especially realistic, and cost a fraction of the real thing.

Even at your local craft store, you’ll find a variety of excellent artificial greenery and flowers so you can make your own fake bouquet. No need to water.

Sometimes you don’t have the right conditions

A north-facing apartment. Living in a basement suite. Long and dark winters when living in northern climates. Very dry or very humid conditions. Although you can always choose plants that fit your current climate and light situation, sometimes we want a plant that could not survive, either because of lack of light or any other condition that’s out of your control.

fake plant wicker table centerpiece

Well, if you really want that plant, you can probably find a fake version of it that doesn’t need light or water. Sure, it won’t grow, but it’ll still look great in your decor. The beauty of fake plants is that you can have dry-weather species in your bathroom, or sunlight-hungry flowers in the darkest corner of your basement living room.

Pets are a concern

Not all plants are pet-friendly, and many pet owners have had to give up on having their favorite plants because it could make their furry friend very sick or even kill them. Sure, there are plenty of pet-friendly, non-toxic plants out there, but again, sometimes there’s a plant we really like and can’t have it because of our pets.

With a fake version of that plant, even if your pet is an inveterate chewer, there’s no risk of making them sick. The only risk here is that if your pet does like to chew on everything and anything, you’ll end up with mangled leaves and stems that you can’t just clip off and wait to regrow. So maybe keep the plant at a height your pet can’t reach, or use pet repellents to keep them away.

You’re a black thumb

Every plant you’ve ever tried to grow has died. You’re cursed with the worst black thumb in history.

Well, no worries. Fake plants don’t need your thumb at all. They’ll do just fine on their own, thank you very much.

artificial fake flowers on glass table

Caring for fake plants

Fake plants are easy to care for. Just dust them along with your regular vacuum and dusting routine, or (seriously!) take them in the shower with you.

You don’t need to water them or feed them or clip them. Ever.

Are fake plants OK?

Well, in my book, an item with so many benefits is definitely OK. Sure, if you can take care of real plants and don’t have any of the problems described above, go ahead and get the real thing. There are plenty of benefits for them. But if you crave a greener space and can’t really have real plants, fake plants are a nice compromise. If you want cleaner air, just get an air filter.

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