Fall Bathroom Remodeling and Furnishings

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As things get colder, and as family gatherings indoors become more the norm, a key area in the home to transform this fall is the bathroom. For those choosing large-scale remodeling and furnishings in the bathroom, there are some strategic things to consider, beyond the expense of the project.

Bathroom remodeling expert Helen Davies is here to talk about your bathroom, and the bathroom furnishings that might be the missing element to the space of your dreams.


It can’t have escaped anyone’s attention that we’re coming into Fall again, and I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that this is a great time to remodel a bathroom. There’s still plenty time to get the work completed before the weather turns really cold, so I’ve been thinking a little about color schemes and materials this week.

Bathroom remodeling using fall colors

My first thought was that fall colors and tones could be perfect for a bathroom at any time of year. This is great: remodelling can be expensive and you can take a cheaper updating option rather than a full summer remodel as summer comes round. Adopt this season’s warm neutrals and natural materials now, and adapt them for the spring and summer to come by applying cooler accent colors later.

Bathroom furnishings: consider wood cabinetry

Wooden bathroom furniture is perfect for a fall refit. Whether your home is a traditional cottage or a modern apartment, choose vanities and cabinets in warm, wood tones. Rich oak is a warm shade, but paler wood or dark shades such as walnut or wenge can be used depending on your preference. For a traditional style bathroom, choose solid wood, freestanding furniture; for a modern home, try some veneer covered, wall hung bath furniture.

It’s all about choosing the style you love within that natural theme – the natural wood tones will imbue your bathroom with a warm glow that’s perfect for those cold mornings, and it’s great to wake up every day to a home design that you adore.

Bathroom remodeling: think about storage

Before you choose your bath furniture, make sure you think about the design features you need. Bathroom furnishings are great for storage, but not all storage is equal. Would you prefer huge cupboards to throw all your junk into, or do tidy drawers of lotions and soaps appeal to you more? Do you need as much storage as your bathroom can provide, or are you a minimalist with a love of open shelving and displays of beautiful things? And what are your bathroom habits? Morning or night; long soak in the tub or quick shower; do you spend hours at the vanity or more time elsewhere?

Bathroom furnishings and color complements

When you’ve picked out your perfect bathroom furniture in rich, warm, woody hues, it’s time to choose the rest of your decor. Your walls and floor should complement your furniture: soft neutral colours can be paired with russet accents for a really rich, warm feel. Natural stone tile and wood flooring patterning is perfect. Travertine flooring or wood-grain ceramic tile in warm, muted shades can be attractive, and moisture-ready surfaces for a stylish bathroom remodeling project.

Travertine tile in the bathroom

Travertine tile in the bathroom

Don’t forget you might prefer to liven up your color scheme for summer, so when you shop for your fall paint samples, select some cool or zesty summer accent colors as well, to be sure your basic scheme can work year round.

Bathroom remodeling suited to you and your family

Make sure that you choose bathroom furniture that gives you the space to indulge where it’s important to you. Bathroom furniture is constructed in a huge range of sizes so that you can have the perfect fittings to suit your room, and there’s no such thing as a standard bath – choose pieces that will allow you to indulge in those areas that are most important to you and minimize those which are not, to get the most from your bathroom remodel.


Thanks, Helen!



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