Fall Home Decor Outside And Inside

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Autumn is the perfect time of year to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home. If you’re looking for some fun and easy ways to decorate with the vivid colors of orange and red and the natural elements of autumn, keep reading for a few enjoyable ideas of how to use nature for your fall decor.

Use leaves to make artwork

The bright colors of autumn leaves are ideal for lovely artwork to hang on your walls and a great way to incorporate nature into your fall decor. To create your own leaf artwork, simply pick out a few leaves in some bold colors. Dry the leaves out and flatten them between two heavy books.

Take a piece of canvas board and brush on an even coat of Mod Podge glue. While the glue is wet, slowly lay the leaf down on the canvas board. Using glue, attach a small wooden frame on the back of the canvas to serve as the hanger.

Branches add height to any room

branches in vase decor

If you’re looking to add some height and drama to an entry way or corner of a room, take a few tall branches and place them in a large glass vase. If you need some weight to anchor the branches down, keep the natural theme going and put a few rocks in the bottom.

To add even more visual interest to your display, loop fishing line through some small acorns and pinecones and hang them on various places throughout your branches.

Autumn leaf lanterns bring lovely glow

Show off the beautiful colors of autumn leaves by making your own autumn leaf lanterns. First, gather some leaves from outside in plenty of different colors. Then, layer them between newspapers and stack them between books for a few days to help them dry.

After the leaves are dry, take a couple mason jars and coat them with Mod Podge glue. Place the leaves on the jar and cover them with another coat of glue. Allow your jars to dry overnight, and then place a votive candle inside. When you light the candle, you can enjoy a lovely warm glow that shines through your leaves.

Create an eye-catching centerpiece

Orange and white can come together to create a truly striking centerpiece. For a unique look, take a few white pumpkins and wrap some bittersweet vines around them.

Place these on top of an orange table runner and scatter a few white and orange votive candles around to bring warm light to the entire centerpiece. You can also reverse this look and use orange pumpkins as natural vases for white flowers and branches.

Use leaves for color blocking

Color blocking is an easy way to create visual interest with your display. To create your own color-blocking effect, start your display off with branches of yellow leaves. Then, slowly transition your display to branches of orange leaves before ending it with branches of red leaves. You can create this look in one single vase or use multiple vases to spread this color-blocking effect over a large area.

Celebrate the beauty of autumn and bring the outdoors in by incorporating nature for your fall home decor this season.

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